hi..was visiting my new doctor melmed at cedars in l.a told him i would love to have something i could drink in-between meals with high protein to add some good weight..but i am also restricted by my diet of no sugar except fruits,no wheat,starchy carbs,milk products..anyone know anything that might work..ensure etc..all full of to many no no`s including sugar..artificial stuff..
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Rebecca, do you have a health food store near you? They usually have a lot of selections without the bad ingredients, and they taste fine. My son is using whey protein (the preferred protein) to bulk up. He buys a canister of powder and mixes it into a shake. I haven't tasted it but it smells delicious!
The local health club/gym I belong to has an extensive menu of shakes and they run the gamut from low carb meal replacement to bulk up, high protein type energy shakes for the weightlifting type dudes.

If you have a blender, you can buy the ingredients and make your own shakes, using whey protein, banana or other fresh fruit and ice.

Otherwise if you are on the run I would look at the local health stores as suggested above.
Not sure how much work you want to put into it, but I have a juicer and a vitamix and tend to mix up my own to control what's in them. For a good protein powder without the crap in it, Arbonne is my favorite. 20 grams of vegan based protein per serving, lots of vitamins and minerals, and tastes really good. I use that as a base for a lot of my shakes that I mix up.

If you avoid milk, I would also avoid whey too. I have to avoid both.

Almond or Rice Milk are both good alternatives.

I answered this in General and suggested "PlantFusion" Protein mix that is all plant based and gluton, soy, lactose etc. free. Please see that post. I also suggest almond milk.
Rocket, what to you mix in with your shakes? I'm having problems with my blueberries, even though I use a Vitamix which emulsifies them and their skins Frowner
TE Marie,

I just drink it straight. I don't mix any fruit at the moment because my stomach is so so sensitive.

I use chocolate PlantFusion, unsweetened vanilla almond milk with ice in my vitamix and it tastes like a ice cream shake. (well pretty close)

If you can eat bananas and peanut butter add them to the above and the shake is awesome.

Almond Milk has twice the calcium as milk and maybe you can tolerate it. I haven't tried rice or soy milk. I like it as it only has 30 calories per cup!
TE Marie,

I use just cold water. I need to lose about 10 lbs and not doing a good job of it. The flavor is not very tasty. I use the Vanilla Plant Fusion. I do love chocolate though.

I do drink Almond Milk, Vanailla Light, which has 60 Calories. I don't care for the Original Blend. I wish I could tolerate Bananas, but cannot. Every time I eat a banana, it feels like I swallowed a a bowling ball. Just very heavy. Peanut Butter? I have to look at my chart to see if I can tolerate that. That is an idea.

Thanks for the suggestions.

hi all pretty sure any whey protein would be bad idea for me to use as i think whey is like my having starches..thus bad for me as i avoid all starches and sugar outside of fruit..so another protein to drinks is what i have to do..will look into others mentioned..would love to gain some good weight with drinks added to my three meals..want to contribute to weight from lean muscle not fat..i do train with weights three times a week but am just because of my issues a little to lean..

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