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So I've battled this perianal fistula for a time. Over time, next to it, I developed a granuloma. Not surprising to anyone involved, it seems.  That thing hurts, especially lately, a LOT. 


Steroid tapers in the past have generally made it less painful. At one point, it nearly disappeared!  I was ecstatic. But post steroids, it gets sore again. 


New surgeon suggested silver nitrate to burn it away. Tried one today and oh my GOD the pain. I don't think I can stand another one. Granted, it has been way more painful than normal, lately, and this past week, I've felt "bad" in that "can't explain it, weird IBD" way (tired, bloated, just icky belly way). Hard for me to say, but might be a flare kind of way (flares with UC were unmistakable; whatever these are without a colon/new IBD things are way more vague and make me unsure of things).  New surgeon also seems to think I need to remove the seton for a break. I have an appt Thursday to discuss it further.  Pretty certain it's not pouchitis: bowel habits overall, apart from bloating, are unchanged. 


Going harder core FODMAP again to see if it helps. I *did* eat some nectarine today! and they're in my no-no list, so that might be a little of the issue today. 


GI called me in a prednisone taper, but I HATE steroids, though they've worked in the past to settle that area down. But I've gained 5 lbs I can't shake because of them, even watching and going to the gym.  I truly don't think the Humira is doing much, but he wants me on it til October when I have my scope.  Think I'll break down and go back on the steroids. Ugh. 


Not sure anyone will have ideas or answers, but thought I'd throw it out there to see. I feel pretty icky today, and have felt poorly/off since last Sunday. 





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I don't know much about what's going on there but I'm on Entocort a milder steroid for chronic pouch issues. It is working for me so far with no side effects just odd headaches. It's been about 2 weeks now as antibiotics did not help. Prob not a perm fix but I'm hoping to avoid surgery and be able to stay on them for awhile. Hope you feel better soon.

The only experience I have had with granuloma's was the result of a biopsy of my pouch. Due to this as well as other problems including a fistula was told I probably have Crohns am waiting for pouch removal now starting the fourth month.  Take 20 mg of pred and Cipro a couple time. Month to stY comfortable until surgery.  Hope you make out ok do not stY on the pred to long as I have been on it three years now I have stess fractures in my sacrum I thought it was sciatic-problem after a CT scan was told the good news of course will not heal itself until off the pred

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