I've always had anxiety issues related to my ulcerative colitis and socializing . It has reached a point where I am anxious about everything now. I am able to tolerate a social event if I have a couple drinks to relax my mind and body. It allows me not to obsess about where the bathroom is and who's going to hear me. This may sound silly, but it is reality for me. 

Just wondering if anyone else has this issue and if they have a solution other than drinking. If I'm home by myself, i don't feel the need to drink. 

I read an article about social phobia and it pretty much described me.

I wish I could just accept what was dealt to me in life.๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜

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Yeah UC remissions makes you overthink easily over any type of food or situation you are getting in. I also got from being a highly social and active guy to a pretty unsocial and not so active guy. Though I could never really find a permanent solution. The one good way I found out was to drink a big banana/mango smoothie 1 hr prior to going out with friends or at any event. The one magic thing that kept me full for hours and I didnt have to worry about gas/toilet. Also if  I had to eat at a club/restaurant I made sure I wasnt the guy who ordered stuff and I only ate very tiny portions. I know it sounds dull but I could sit back and enjoy talking. Most of my anxiety came from the pain I'd suffer if I eat something wrong or what if I loose lot of blood again or if I lost my muscles again and so on. They all just start to develop. One bout of UC puts you in a home coma for days/months. You dont feel like going out. I used to count the hours watching Netflix all day or reading and an hour of indoor workout. I never really found any cure , no amount of meditation or exercise could stop the anxiety or anger inside. I guess its just the overuse of steroids. Hope you find this helpful and I hope you fare better than I could . Good luck ๐Ÿ‘


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