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Hi all. Was wondering what some of your experiences are related to long-term antibiotics - particularly whether you do a "short course"?  "long course"? or steady daily sustained course? 

I was on daily sustained for years/months stretch but new GI is suggesting maybe better to see if I can do a course and then go off for a while.

I typically see instant improvement (same day) after starting antibiotic. Does anyone do just a day or two? or do 3-5 day course? or do most people do full 1 or 2 week course? or just stay on indefinitely?

Curious about experiences of others ?

Thanks for input ! ... -Mike

~10 years with pouch - abscesses/fistula, cuffitis, chronic pouchitis / currently on Humira, Canasa, antibiotic and VSL3


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I’m on antibiotics all the time. I tried stopping them, and my symptoms returned in about 5 days or so. I decided that it wasn’t worth having the symptoms. For years Cipro alone worked, and later I needed to add Flagyl. If I had multiple antibiotic choices I would rotate among them, but unfortunately the others just never worked for me. far that has been my experience...... I stopped and after about a week started feeling the burning....and overall rougher with everything.  I tried to hold off by changing diet and adding immodium, metamucil and actually felt like it helped for a few days but I didnt make it thru that 2nd week before I went back on antibiotic.  hmmm......

I do the expensive VSL3 as well.  Have never been able to conclusively know whether it helps but my GI is very in favor of it.   And I'm on Humira as @kta mentioned.

For me, my onsets/treatments were :

-soon after surgeries abscesses/cuffitis - Canasa GREATLY helps me with cuffitis. Helped me immediately years ago and still helps me greatly ~10 years later.

-later ~5 years after surgeries added fistula(s) to mix- ultimately added Humira to address abscesses/fistulas and going on 2.5 years of Humira w no abscesses/fistulas now knock on wood.

-chronic pouchitis in last few years - long term antibiotics.

I'm over 10 years with pouch and despite it being ongoing chronic multi-threaded challenge (above) I'm still glad I went pouch route.  Currently feeling like the chronic pouchitis is my biggest demon to battle. 

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I've run into itching too..... my silver bullet for any of the acute close to anus stuff has always been canasa suppositories..... long soaks in hot baths have helped me as well followed up by a stretch of mostly just drinking water and not eating until things cool down (either itching, soreness, stinging..) for me my coping is the same for all 3. 

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