rebe here been antibiotic free over 2 months now first time since 06 ..been rotating 4 or 5 antibiotics since 06.

first diagnosed anti depenent pouchitis later on as sibo..either way antibiotics was the key to controlling

big news it seems just eliminating ALL starchy carbs and simple sugar completely NO MORE other drug either...

fact appears to be that sibo we have overgrowth of bacteria..those foods feed bad bacteria(make them grow in number)out doing the good bacteria..antibiotics killed off the bacteria except it kills good as well as bad..however until this simple realization it was only game in town...

look i wasn`t a believer right off but i did it with version of scd diet(which i will explain next)stayed on my antibiotics for about two months with diet than just went cold turkey with diet only..bam it worked!!!my goal was get rid of pain,burning when going and that feeling of not emptying out..when i had those symptoms pain so bad going it would be impossible to stand..this has been eliminated..i think i am controlling the bad bacteria from taking over thus above symptoms are not mind you in my case i pay no attention to how it comes out(loose,formed etc. ) and if i go maybe 8 times in total 24 hours..i can live with that..but i am pain free and antibiotic free..

now explain diet..eliminate all starchy carbs..grains of all kinds,corn,potatoes and simple sugar...except for fruits,what exits in veggies and i allow myself face yoghurt (with a little natural sugar in it)..seems not to make difference)no processed foods (usually has some bad ingrediance..dr. said many have gluten in them to preserve even if you do not think so) )

also,allycat a long time sufferer who has tried numerous things and drugs was incouraged to try this and just wrote yesterday on pouchitis thread..the amazing results she is having in two weeks of diet!! yah!!!!

i know it works for my sibo and my guess is it will help with logic is antibiotics used for pouchitis..kills off bacteria..

if you try this have no fear than i can start giving out ways to satisfy those carb and sugar needs because they are there ...for starters i make an scd almond bread,easy as can be!!

i hope i get more folks newbies and oldsters on site to go for it easy to give up these addictive foods not necessarily but what if just what if this works and we can function and get on with our lives just by changing diet..hope to hear in this new years other successful folks giving it a go!

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How is the diet working? Can you share some of those tips on getting the carb fix?

what are the foods you eat and what time of day? 

I'm eating grill chicken on a bun and white rice everyday for about 2 weeks my jpouch is only 1 month old scared to eat anything else not that is helping stay out the bathroom lol 


I am with you on the dieting. But I just recently was put on the blood type diet from my ND who swears by it. The problem is I'm A and my blood thrives with vegetarian diet with fish, chick and turkey. I cut out all red meat, banannas, coconut and some other fruits and veggies that are an AVOID. I am patiently waiting to see if mild inflammation goes down and pouchitis. I only take grapefrutit seed extract and oregano oil for antibiotics. I am on a vigerous regime with supplements and herbal extracts along with prednisone, lomotil and canassa. I am mixing eastern and western medicine together because I am so sick and tired of not being able to figure out this pouch. I don't have pain but I go to often and if I don't eat a lot I'm fine with lomotil but I am ALWAYS hungry. 

How would I start removing grains if I am suppose to be a vegetarian? So confused. I don't eat gluten or dairy which helps but I love my rice and quinoa. 

When I did Paleo, I never got rid of my inflammation.


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