exausted from commuting into NYC every week, broke too!  Met with surgeon yesterday at Cornell.  Nothing good ever comes from seeing a surgeon!  I'm a little confused so bear with me.  After all the tests over the last three months, here is where Jeffrey is at.  

Another abscess.

a sinus

found the leak!

thursday Jeffrey will be having a straw like something or other inserted rectally to drain the abscess.  It's about the size of a golf ball.  Surgeon will leave that in for as long as it needs to drain.  Already warned about what's going to come out.  The plan as I understand it is that they will keep him in the hospital over the weekend and Monday attempt to fix the leak which is at the suture line of the pouch.  I don't how they can do this rectally, but they are going to give it a shot.  And the good part is Dr. Milsome is going to be in the OR!  After that, I'm not sure what will come next.  Has anyone had anything like this done?  Dr. Shulka is hoping the fix will happen and work.  I think the leak is at the top of J end, the little side.  But I guess we can't do much until we get this abscess taken care of and get him on the proper meds.  Yesterday, I think Jeffrey finally had enough of the discussion with the doctor that he put his head phones on and started listening to music.  He has not behaved this autistic in a long time.  We are all so burned out.  How do any of you just stop crying?  I am amazed at all of you for your bravery and determination.  I think I would have given up by now.  I've had my own health issues that at the time I thought were bad, but nothing like this.  You guys are truly amazing!  I don't know how you continue to do what you do.  


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I don't have any experience with this or words of wisdom but just wanted to wish your son well and hope this is the answer to his issues. Best of luck and hang in there!

Ally thank you. I dont know if they can fix the leak but at least we know where it is!  Im a wreck at this point. Jeffs toast at this point and behaving very autistic. Me, i cant stop crying and have no desire to do anything.

It is one of the most difficult things we face as parents, an ill child. Give yourself some time to digest this all.  You will pull yourself together and into the mother mode.  It doesn't matter how old they become they are always our little boys and girls. 

Hi Diane,

Well this is great news...any time that they find the problem is a step forward towards healing.

I am hoping that for Jeff that this is going to fix the leak and bring him closer to a fully functional healthy pouch.

This is the 'Bad'...next step healing and then the "good" should begin...take a deep breath, breath out, say a prayer and put one foot in front of the other...if that does not work, try chocolate!

Huge hugs


Hi Sharon, I was hoping you would call!  I'm a complete wreck about this.  The surgery was going to be tomorrow, but they pushed it to Friday, which actually is better for me with my dog business.  I concerned about how much pain Jeff is going to be in.  They are putting the drain in in the OR.  I'm hoping they keep,him over the weekend.  Not sure how long that drain will be in but that thing better drain our fast.  I was surprised the doctor called me personally!  I like him, he is very calming and right now I really need that.  I just forgot to ask him if Jeffrey was going to stay the weekend, which I really hope he does.  We were so concerned about how we were going to get into the City with the trains and all.  Funny the stupid things you think of in the moment!  I had a better day today because the sun was out.  I can't believe how much the weather is affecting me this summer.  

I hope you have been able to relax inspite of the family crap.  We'll talk about that another time!  Just relax and worry about you!  Hope things at home are going well too.  Call me tomorrow if you can.  Hugs my friend, Dianne 


Lab lover, thank you!  How many Labradors do you have?  My breed too.  Love them so much.  Nothing brings a smile to my face like a labrador!

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