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Hello J pouch friends,

I have tried a few different products for skin breakdown and butt burn associated with the j pouch surgery like aquaphor, desitin, etc. The desitin or other zinc products seem to work well but they stain my clothes.

Has anyone had success with ointments that don't stain clothing? Does Vasline work?? Anyone know a good remedy to get the stains out of my clothing?

Alternatively, has anyone had success with other remedies and don't even need to use ointment at all? Like a bidet etc.

Thanks so much. This has been a struggle of mine for years so I'm just ready to have relief from this.

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A handheld bidet has saved my skin. If you don't want to install an actual bidet, I suggest the handheld one. Can get it on Amazon for a decent price. In regards to barrier cream, I switch between Calmoseptine and Triple Paste. The Calmoseptine has menthol in it, so if you are raw back there, be careful as it can be a little jarring. I use the Triple Paste, which has zinc oxide in it, when my bottom feels raw. 

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