I have anal pain and rectal pain since february. I had again 12 days of ciproxin and it cleared it out. I felt really awesome during ciproxin course. Then I stopped it and again pouchitis came back but not really bad as before, but, I experience a lot of pain in the anal and rectal area above all when I'm doing a bm. I'm really worried. I don't know what to think about it. I feel that I will ask to my doctor to keep me long term on antibiotics as my life is really different with them (hopefully they will continue to work for long time).. The anal pain is quite bad that I feel the pain when I sit... And, when I walk... I'm wondering if it could be an abscess or a fissure, last time I had a bm half hour ago I noticed a bit of blood ... Can you give me some advice...

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It may be cuffitis and not pouchitis (seeing blood is a good indicator). You might be better off with Canasa suppositories than antibiotics.

Hi, IKH.

Search the Internet for information on "levator ani" and also "proctalgia fugux" to see if the symptoms match yours. It could be swelling from hemmoroids or an anal fissure, which is very painful. Have you tried a sitz basin?  Sitting in very warm water can help heal internal injuries by bringing blood circulation to the area. It is very soothing. A hot bath works just the same, although a sitz basin is convenient because it saves stripping down and sitting in a big tub of water. You can find a sitz basin in medical supply stores, or on amazon. 

You mentioned tailbone pain, this could be a pilonidal cyst, especially since you mention the pain when you are just sitting. Google that and see if it matches your symptoms. 

Hemorrhoids and fissures are another possible cause for your symptoms. Fissures are  very often described as a sensation of "passing shards of glass" with BMs, to give you an idea of what you might be experiencing. Hemorrhoids will often feel like a swelling or a bump and can protrude from the anus.

Something else to consider, I had anal pain with some bleeding. Turned out to be a hypertrophied anal papillae. They can occur alone due to chronic diarrhea or straining, or in association with fissures. I actually just had it removed this week and while I'm a little sore from the procedure, it doesn't compare to the pain from the papilla.  I had no idea these existed until I had one.  I thought I had a hemorrhoid but it turned out to be the papilla. That is something else you should Google and see if the symptoms sound similar to your own.

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