I had UC and started my J-Pouch journey almost 3 years ago with the removal of my colon and an ileostomy created.  My J-Pouch surgery was on Feb. 19, 2019 and my takedown surgery was on May 14, 2019.  Immediately after my J-Pouch surgery, I started to experience extreme pain in my anus.  It feels like I have glass shards constantly stabbing my anus.  The pain increases with movement and sitting.  The only position I am comfortable in (and it can take hours for the pain to lessen) is laying on my side.

Just before my takedown surgery, my surgeon stretched the anus opening as there was a small stricture there but this has not helped with the pain.  I have been told that the pain will go away but after 4 months, I am wondering if it will ever go away. Other than this anus pain I am recovering very well and am enjoying using my new J-Pouch.

Has anyone else experienced this pain?  Is it normal and will it lessen with time?  Any input is appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi Wendy, it sounds like you have a fissure. The broken glass analogy is one used a lot when talking about the pain from fissures. I personally have not experienced this, but I think if you use any cream with zinc oxide in it should help. My personal favorite is Ilex paste.  Use wet wipes or better yet a bidet, instead of toilet paper.  You can buy a portable bidet on Amazon pretty reasonably. Or a sitz bath can also be a good idea. Fill it with as hot of water that you can stand and just sit in it for a bit. Can also be purchased on Amazon. Maybe stay away from acidy or hot spicey foods for a bit would be a good idea also. Tomato based foods, jalapenos peppers etc. That's all I can think of for  you now. Hope get some relief soon. 


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