Hi everybody.

2 mounths ago i had my second surgery which was creation of my J pouch. Currently i have a temp ilieostomy, after about 1 week from discharging from the hospital i started to feel pain in my anus, actually its more like a pressure, it happends when i sit for longer periods time. When i sleep its only when im on my back. Sometimes it happens when im walking but i can barely feel it and its rare. 

Is that something you guys felt and for how long, my surgeon said its normal and that i shouldnt worry.


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Same here. I had difficulty sitting, and especially when trying to stand up. Shooting pains, sometimes dull pain. My surgeon said it was normal, caused by the swelling in that whole area from everything being moved around, pushed aside, cut and sewn during surgery. It could be your small intestine reacting to finding out it's now a J pouch. My discomfort stopped after a few months when the internal swelling went down.

Same with me. Only mine was really only when I sat to long in the same position. It went away in 6 weeks or so. 


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