Anyone have issues with anal fissures? I am almost 14 years out from a total colectomy with J-pouch with 2in rectum remaining and have been very fortunate  but lately I have had a recurring fissure with intense rectal pain that I keeps me from sleeping 

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From time to time I experience an anal fissure , which always appears to be at the same spot within the wall of the anal sphincter.

Although, what you're about to read may sound somewhat uncomfortable to alleviate the discomfort and excruciating pain; I can assure you it isn't and it's certainly much more preferable.

I've had great success by applying ilex protectant paste to the inside of the anal sphincter.

When a fissure is suspected, after cleansing and after a BM; I wrap a wet wipe around the tip of my finger and insert it into the anus; I do this two or three times, re-wrapping a clean area of wet wipe around my finger and inserting, until the wet wipe comes out clean; once clean, I repeat again but this time, I press the wet wipe wrapped finger onto the sphincter wall and into the area where I believe the fissure is located, on doing so, once the fissure location is found, a feeling of instant relief is experienced, which can also result with faint pink traces of blood appearing on the wet wipe.

Now, with fissure location identified within the sphincter; WITHOUT wrapping a wet wipe around my finger, I apply a small amount of ilex paste to the tip of my finger and insert into the anus whilst pressing the paste into the fissure; again, a feeling of instant relief is experienced when hitting the spot.

I normally only need to do this the once and that episode of fissure has normally healed by my next BM.

Remembe, it's only the tip of the finger that's being inserted, if the fissure is deep within the anal canal, then maybe suppository insertion is required.

On the tube of ilex, it does state for EXTERNAL USE ONLY; although over the last 3 years, whenever a fissure occurs, I've been applying as described above with no adverse effects; also, my Stoma Nurse at St Marks Hospital, London, has said it's a technique they suggest to patients.

I have reoccurring anal fissures, now with an external/internal fistula next to the rectum. It is soo bad! I get no relief, and dont you dare mention proctofoam!! That stuff is the worst! I use hemp oil or CBD oil on the outside, and just barely inside. My dr will do scope and insert botox and cortisone every 3 months to help with the pain, inflammation, and bleeding. I notice when i flare it is very painful clear up to my lower back and gas is incredibly painful to pass.

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