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I have read the remarks on this site for many years and have benefited from everyone.   I am someone who has 12 plus BMs a day. That an improvement from years ago. I still manage to have an active life. I recently met with a GP and complained about my dealing with skin butt sores. I was given the a medication. Of course with many BMs its hard to resolve. He also said he some some mucus and felt it could be a anal fissure. I explained it could be my use of white cream. He said I should watch it to see if its a fissure. My question is how do I determine if  I have a anal fissure. I had a pouch scope year ago and was not told there were any. Welcome any suggestions

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From what I know, a fissure just like a small cut. I've only recently discovered that I've got a few that explains a lot of my issues, but never noticed them before because I've never been one to look.. until fistulas came my way, now I have to check regularly.

I've always had episodes where I would still bleed on the loo, and I struggle a lot with 'butt burn' (10yrs post op).. I always just assumed it was normal, my pouch nurse has never been concerned about it, and it came and went enough to be manageable. Turns out it's actually a couple of fissures that cause the bleeding, and the burning - it's like acid in a paper cut 😂...

I still use barrier cream, that always helps. And playing around with your diet/meds to get the best consistency (liquid burns more, too thick and the straining opens the cuts). I think generally fissures should heal themselves if you treat them well. Defo raise it with your GI. Im annoyed at myself I didn't push with my nurse a bit more to find out why I was suffering those symptoms.

Have you noticed a correlation between your output and the symptoms being better or worse?

Good luck anyway, 😊


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