I had a routine pouchoscopy today and my gastroenterologist said that I have very mild anal canal stenosis.  She didn't seem to think it was too bad.  I, on the other hand, have been dilating at home for years and am sick of it.  

She mentioned that I might consider dilation in the hospital.  Any insights into whether this is a good and worthwhile treatment? 


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Scott, it was a quick conversation so I don’t have all of the details yet.  She and I will talk more once I have test results.   I had a flex sig done, which looked good.  Yesterday, I had a manometry with balloon expulsion.  I suspect I did very poorly.  

Depending on those results (it takes at least a couple of weeks), I may have a defecography. 

JFILL,  Inability to empty is my biggest issue.  These tests will hopefully tell me that’s so.

I am very uninformed as to what, if any, the possible treatment could be. I fear that as I get older, I’ll end up with an ostomy  because that area is so very tight. 

Mary, plenty of folks do fine with regular or occasional dilations. You’re probably not on the road to an ostomy as long as you keep the channel open wide enough. In the meantime you might want to do kegels every day so the sphincter muscle stays strong.

Mary I had the same inability to empty and had same tests done at Cleveland Clinic. My diagnosis was a dysfunctional pelvic floor and the prescription was.therapy. Took some time getting comfortable with a therapist but glad I went through it for three months. Definitely helped.

Unfortuneately, I've been doing regular dilations for years and additionally have been in pelvic floor p/t for a number of years and don't make much progress.  Even with all of that, it is gradually getting worse, hence why I am trying to understand what the options are for the future.

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