I had a combo procedure of traditional & lapro techniques done in 2 steps almost 4 1/2 years ago. It's very strange but every once in awhile I get an itch from inside that no amount of scratching takes care of. It's always in-between my ostomy scar (the former site of my ostomy)and my bikini-line lapro scar. It's odd because it doesn't always happen-in fact, it can be months between episodes. It's been happening like crazy these last few days & I have no idea what's causing it. BTW, it has nothing to do w/ the condition of my skin.It's not a dry or irritated skin issue. The itch is from inside as strange as that sounds. I'm sure it's related to my surgery. Any ideas what's causing it???
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Hi Peggy- This is the first time I've heard of anybody else having that same experience! I have, perhaps mistakenly, associated it with a persistent hernia I have at the site of my old temporary ostomy. I can't explain its origins, only that it comes and goes, occasionally accompanied by a stinging or burning sensation.

I have a surgical consult at the Cleveland Clinic later this month and I will be sure to discuss it then. If I get any new info, I'll be sure to pass it on!

I never even considered a hernia...that's a thought. I have been exercising more these past few weeks and if I do have a hernia, I may be possibly aggravating it. Please keep me informed as to what the docs think is causing it w/ you. Good luck & thanks for replying to my post.
I could be wrong, but let me give you my idea of what it is. I think the itching is what it feels like to us when nerves are healing. I've had other surgery where minor nerves were damages and I think the doctor said the itch was the nerves growing back. Not that knowing what it is can stop the itch, but you may be able to look at it differently now.

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