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I've had the surgery to remove my large intestine and my surgeon said it will be 3 months rest and heal time before we go to the next stage of getting the j pouch done. I'm having this all done in three stages: colon removal, jpouch, and then the final and third surgery of having it all hooked up. I'm getting close to the second surgery now and I was wondering if any of you had a three stage jpouch surgery like this and roughly how long was the rest/ healing time between surgeries. I was told that the three stage process like this is the safest and I guess it all depends on the individual as everyone is different. And from a lot of what I have been seeing on you tube, a lot of people say the second surgery is more painful than the first. Thanks

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I had 3 step surgeries.  The first one was 11/9/15, the second was 6/13/16 and the takedown was 8/8/16.  I would have had my second step in May but we were on vacation that month so I put it off.  I don’t remember the second surgery being too bad except the loop ileo was more difficult to deal with.  It tends to be more active and makes changing the bag more annoying.  Also there can be more skin irritation along with that.  I only had it for 8 weeks.  I do remember that I was able to use our pool by the 4th of July!

First surgery Sept 3 2019, 2nd Dec 27 2019 and takedown Feb 26 2020. The second was not more painful for me except stinging on the skin on my stomach, around the stoma. That first week I wasn't sure what it was but it was due to leakage from the loop ostomy. I had a lot more leakage with the loop and to me that was the worst. Just be prepared for that and make sure you have an appliance/bag that fits you well. Work with your ostomy nurse on that proactively and the time between steps 2 and 3 will go much smoother. I had no leaking with my end ostomy, lots with my loop. Use stoma powder too and protect your skin. Best of luck as you move towards takedown!

I had 3 step surgery. First step was July of 2019. Second step was august of 2020. 3rd stage was Nov 2020.

My surgeon told me I should wait at least 6 months between the first and 2nd surgeries and wait 3 months between 2nd and 3rd surgery.

I ended up waiting over a year between my 1st and 2nd surgery. I just couldn't get the time off of work then right when I was going to get it everything shut down because of COVID.

My takedown was about 6 weeks ago.

As far as which surgery was the worst. For me that's an easy one. The first surgery was by far the worst. Not because of the surgery but because I was so incredibly sick from uc. It took me so long to recover. I was so week I could barely put my pants on. I had dropped about 90 pounds in about a month and a half. After that was over everything else seemed easy.

The second surgery wasn't to bad. I was in very good shape. I was training like crazy before the surgery so I could recover faster. The only thing that really sucked was the loop ostomy. It took me over a month to figure out how to get it to seal right so it didn't leak and my skin wasn't trashed.

3rd surgery was easy. I'm still getting used to things but overall it's no big deal.

Good luck man

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I had the 3 steps like you.  I was a teenager and so the dates were coordinated so I didn't miss school.  First one was end of the summer (start of that summer, my doctors tried putting me in the hospital for 3 weeks on liquids only but didn't heal me enough).  Surgery 2 to create the JPouch was done 11 months later at the start of the following summer.  Then surgery 3 to "hook me up", was end of the summer before returning school.  Again, I don't think I had to wait a year between surgery 1 and 2, but we did so, so I wouldn't miss school.

I was pretty sick for the first surgery so it was tough from an energy point of view and recovering but I do agree that the second surgery is the toughest (and longest).  The third one was pretty easy in comparison, but I did return to the hospital a week or two later as my system was in overdrive and needed a bit of time to get used to it (but then was fine). 

Good luck.  It's so tough what we have to go through, but it's worth it to get rid of the ileostomy.

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