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Anyone suffer with Allergies?

Iv always suffered before my UC & J Pouch but they are getting worse. Seen Homeopaths, Doctors & Allergy Specialists and nothing long term really helps.
My main problems are my eyes - severe itching which swell up and get really sore as have to rub them otherwise the itch does not go. Tried drops antihistamines daily cold compress you name it.
also skin rashes made worse with scratching. I use prescription emollient to wash in and have air filters and keep my house spotless but I’m still plagued.
my only relief is when I’m by the sea.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you so much

keep well & safe 💕💕💕xxxx

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@Linzalisha posted:

Hi Lauren

I’m starting to realise more and more it’s all connected. How are you and do you suffer with Allergies? Xxx

HEY! Yeah, I believe so too! I just found out late last year that IBD can cause eye problems, its really weird how IBD can cause soo many problems outside the GI tract, even: gall stones, kidney stones, joint pain, and mouth problems and teeth. IBD is definitely not limited to the digestive tract.

I am doing fine, thank-you for asking I hope this year is better than last. I do not have any allergies fortunately. Happy New year to you

How are you???

I've always had allergies, everything from local anesthetic, ether and Demerol through to sulfites, wine, lactose and now, because the rest wasn't enough, Gluten.

They all start out the same way, with mild redness or bumps and itchiness then as I keep exposing myself to the allergens I get rashes/eczema and flushing and finally they degenerate into either Quink reaction or Anaphalxia.

I learned something from my GP...allergies are allergies mild or severe, they are the same thing. If you keep exposing yourself to the allergens they will eventually get worse. There is no difference between the rash and anaphylaxis except for the severity of your body's reaction.

I saw a lot of algologists. The only answer they gave me was to avoid the culprits and start taking 1 antihistamine daily for life. I did for about 5 yrs but with a k pouch and stoma it caused seemed to dry me out and aggravate my dehydration. 

I went off of them, other than seasonally for hayfever. (can't go without them).

My dad and grandmother both had the same allergies so I get it from them.

I keep my EpiPen around at all times, a pillbox full of antihistamines and I am careful. It doesn't mean that I won't react to something or another but I always have what I need in case I do.


Sorry i know this is a little late, but moisturiser can really damage the lipid layer on the eye surface.  (thats the reason face creams say to 'avoid undereye area' becuase the skin is thinner there and moisturiser can seep through or get rubbed into the eyes).   Same is true of handcream if you touch your eyes.

Perhaps use an eye drop that restores the lipid layer and avoid moisturiser for a day or 2 to see if there is any improvement.

As for the rash, if it improves by the sea maybe wiping the affected areas with a saline solution morning and night might help?  You could also try looking into magnesium as that has been known to help with rashes etc (especially if deficcient).    The sea is a huge source of Magnesium....

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