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I do love a glass of red at the weekends! no work for the weekend, time to chill.. however..

I have been on Flagyl for the past 10 days or so, and im told no alcohol while on this.

Is metronidazale the same as Flagyl? (thats what it says on my med).

I was on Cipro for a few months but no much help, almost instantly noticed a difference since starting Metronidazale.. Loving the freedom from the throne


anyone else drink a few while on the med?

holidays in spain coming up (All inclusive) would be a shame not to make the most of it

Happy weekend !


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Yes, metronidazole is the same as Flagyl. I have found no alcohol intolerance for me while taking metronidazole. If you experiment, do it at home and with a small amount at first. If you react, you will get nausea, vomiting, and flushing. Not necessarily in that order and it may be only some of the symptoms.


It is not a widely documented reaction, but a presumed reaction due to the chemical similarity to the drug disulfram (Antabuse), which is the drug they give to alcoholics as aversion therapy.



Thanks for taking the time to reply Jan, you are obviously busy with the amount of replies to posts!. I am loving your work (Being a newbie JPouch user).

I did try the glass, (Even managed two) of wine at the weekend, without bother. I will however stick to 1 or 2 max while away in the sun for obvious reasons.


I dont know how long i will be on the Flagyl.. all i know is that its working a treat a the minute, giving me freedom!


Thanks again..


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