Has anyone got a good way to enjoy alcohol? Socialising in Scotland is nearly impossible without it and I'm starting to find myself not socialising and staying home, while all my mates are away out having a laugh
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Now I can drink without issue, and even in the beginning, I didn't have to do much. Eating something while drinking might slow things down. If I drink late, I may have to make a bathroom trip in the night now (I always could rely on that in the past, when things were newer; these days it is rare for me to have to wake up to use the bathroom at night; I sleep through the night, mostly).

I've found these days, though, less is more, and drinking slower works better for me, too. And I've always pounded water when I drink alcohol. Mostly I'm only a 1-2 drink drinker at my age now.
Alcohol doesn't bother my pouch at all. However, it appears that it does bother my sinuses or something. I must have a reaction to it. But that started before I had my surgeries. Even with that problem, it didn't stop me from drinking.

Does something happen when you drink?

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Alcohol isn't really a problem for me if I eat dinner + take my metamucil prior to drinking. The one time I forgot the metamucil when I drank, it was brutal -- woke up 5 times that night. Also, I tried taking the metamucil after I was finished drinking, but it had the odd effect of me "dumping" still liquid beer in the middle of the night. So yeah, not a big deal if I stick to my normal precautions.
Noting really happens, pain wise or anything like that. It's when I go to the toilet in the bars or clubs. It can be noisy and when it's busy there is always people around. Was just wondering if there is food that I can eat that would help.
I took 3 Imodium before my son's wedding and didn't have a BM until the next day. I think 1-2 would be enough. Also, I can't drink as much as I use to and like said above drink lots of water. Alcohol dehydrates. If you drink mixed drinks, vs beer or wine, it helps if the mix isn't dehydrating too, like caffeinated colas. Juices, tonic, water etc. would hydrate while drinking the alcohol.

You're young go out and have fun! Make sure to put some wipes in a baggie in your pocket or you can buy individually wrapped ones too to stick in your pocket - just in case you do have a BM.
Try eating bulking foods before going out - whatever has worked best for you. Rice and bagels work well for me. And try imodium as TE Marie suggested.

Or just try to get over the noise thing. Everybody farts. (My friend, a coloned person, always turns up the radio very loud when he's using the toilet. You could carry around loud music..... Roll Eyes )

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Few immodiums and a heaping teaspoon of metamucil works for me. I avoid having full meals when drinking as well.

Hard liquor drinks are also easier for me to drink but I do indulge in a few snakebites here and there without any issues.
Or do the obligatory flush when you're blasting one in the stall!

Yes, eat your thickeners or try Immodium. Might help.

And again, keep up on the water, too. Honestly.

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