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I had my takedown in December. I attempted two new things this past Friday. First, I was able to complete a cardio workout for the first time in over a year. Then, that night, I tried to unwind and drink for the first time since my surgery. I had 2 beers and it didn't increase my frequency, just had more watery BMs. However, my problem was last night, I went out in Philly with a bunch of my friends. I had 3 beers and a water in a few hours, and I was happy I turned down offers for shots or more beers. It was my first time out with my friends in a LONG time. I felt fine until I started to sweat and felt dizzy. I went outside to get some air but I started to get sick in an alley. Here I am at 1a.m. in Philadelphia puking in a dark alley off of 3 beers. Wow I am not used to this! Anyway, I threw up a few more times on the way home before I finally fell asleep. I woke up today and felt great...

Do any of you have any strategies or advice when you drink socially? Maybe I didn't drink enough water or Gatorade during the day?
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I guess that it varies among us and I am sure that some of us tolerate alcohol well but after my pouch surgery I noticed that I really couldn't drink much any more...Now, 1 drink and my head spins, 2 and I am sick as a dog. It doesn't mean that you will never be able to drink again but maybe you need to take it slower and eat more 'alcohol absorbing' foods.
I also had my takedown in December and i have no problems drinking alcohol at all. I actually drank quite a lot over the last 4 days lol. You need to stay hydrated. I make sure i have my gatorade mix before and after drinking. A lot before to avoid any issues. And another one before bed = no hangover.
My output does not seem to be affected whether or not i drink booze of any sort or how much.
I couldn't tolerate carbonation or beer after surgery. Clear liquor, vodka, gin and rum are best tolerated by my new plumbing. I drank a few lite beers recently and can have a Coke or 7up every now and then with no problems, at 2 years post take down. So try it every month of so. Hydration is the key I too drink a hydration drink before and after I sleep. The water in-between was a great idea. I like a bloody mary as I think the high salt tomato juice with celery salt combo hydrates me while the alcohol dehydrates. I really do over think these things.

Way to get back in the mainstream! Cheers Cool
If I was the type not to push the ruls I would have taken the doctors advice 30 years ago and had the colon removed, as he said I'd never have any quality of life. turns out I had a great life with it till this year. so please don't tell me not to push, it will just make me mad and you don't wan't to make me mad.
Hey I had the reversal and j pouch december 2012 as well. I have tried working out also, cardio is not the greatest because it makes me feel like going more often but weights have been great to workout with and getting results fast.

For drinking, I have been drinking with the pouch more than I'd like to admit but I have been sticking to some rules that have worked great. Not drinking more than 1 beer because beer makes stool liquid, no soft drinks like coke because that makes stool more liquid, no hard shots straight up but sweet spirits with cranberry or oj is the key to drinking socially without issues, keep hydrated but not too hydrated :P, and start drinking 2 hours after eating or after a good bowel movement whichever comes first and then eat something good before bed. This has worked well for me but not sure if its for everybody. Listen to your body and see what works!
Plus please watch it real close as if you are taking my pain medication that contains tylenol and warnings of mixing alcohol with narcotics, antidepressants, xanex flagyl, ect. as well. You can cause liver damage if you mix them with booze. I have a cousin that got liver damage doing this BUT he was using vicodin to get high and taking it with booze on purpose.
I feel like everyone has a different reaction to everything, I'm 23 n just had my take down last month and I went to Talladega 3 weeks after my surgery and partied hard all weeked and had no problems at all. Alcohol slows down my output and makes it thicker no matter what kind it is. As long as I have at least 1 water before bed I'm not to bad the next day.

I work in the beverage alcohol industry, so drinking alcohol is part of my professional life.


Since my surgery journey started, I've noticed a few things that, like most J-Pouch stuff, seems to be specific to my experience.  Your mileage may vary...


1) I don't want to drink nearly as much as I used to.  Prior to surgery, I was a daily social drinker, rarely getting intoxicated, but usually had a couple of drinks per night, or wine with dinner.  This doesn't happen much anymore, not because of any adverse reaction, but because most days I simply don't want it.  Part of me wishes this were not the case, but I'm listening to my body on this count. 


That said, if I feel like having a drink, I have a drink.


2) On a business related trip about 2.5 months post takedown, I drank quite a lot over the course of a couple of days.  Because I was concerned about hydration, I had two glasses of water for every alcoholic drink I consumed and, while there was some serious hangover symptoms, the pouch functioned "normally" during that time, and I've taken to doing the two waters for every drink thing whenever I have a cocktail these days.  It seems to help.


3) People telling you to stick to certain spirits over other spirits have no idea what they are talking about.  Provided the spirit isn't sweetened or flavored with something post distillation, ethanol is ethanol is ethanol.  And, if you're worried about it, gluten can not survive distillation, so all distilled spirits (again, unless flavored post distillation with gluten containing ingredients) are gluten free.  Depending on the distillery, there is a slim possibility of cross contamination if wheat is fermented on site.  Most distilleries won't go to the trouble of getting certified gluten free, but Maker's Mark is, and it is made with wheat. 


4) I was a huge craft beer fan, and for whatever reason, I have lost my taste for it.  I hope it comes back.


5) White wine, rose wine and champagne have been fine for me when I consume them, but red wine has wrought havoc, but that could also have been due to the meal that I consumed with the wine.  Who knows, really.


6) The carbonation in beer gives me gas, but sparkling wine does not.  Again, who knows why?

Similarly I have problems with red wine, but not many other liquors.  I have never enjoyed the taste of beers.  I prefer white wines, and spirits.  My favorite alcoholic beverage is Evan Williams Egg Nog which is only sold in November and December.  It has bourbon, brandy and rum in it and is 15% alcohol/30 proof. Made with real milk and fresh eggs. For shots of spirits I like Fireball.  However I do not drink much, just on special occasions and holidays.

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