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My mother in law is 87 and pouching away successfully since age 69 (18 years). I cannot imagine under any circumstances where she would have it removed at this point.

As for myself I cannot imagine removal ever. My surgeon told me it is a very very tough surgery and personally I think it would kill me. I had the conversation with him in the context of what would happen if my cuffititis got out of control and caused dysplasia, the main reason for my TPC/IPAA in the first place.

keep your pouch!

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Bill, I don’t know what this surgeon might or might not have observed, nor what sort of history you have with this person. I wonder, though, if this is one of those  surgeons you should run like hell from. At the least it might be time to switch to a good gastroenterologist, who would recommend a consultation with a surgeon if  the need arises.

I don’t know what you’ve tried, if anything, to reduce your daily toilet trips, and you didn’t ask about that. We’re here if you could use some ideas.

Hi Bill A,

There are lots of tips about lowering frequency a lot.  Anti Diarrhea meds, fiber, antibiotics, anti motility, and physical therapy.  Taking the JPouch out is certainly a big move.  Many people are successful at it, but it’s a big deal.  I would try to improve the function to the best of my ability first.

Best of luck - Doug

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