I have read a number of Posts from people who say they are more active in the afternoons and evenings. I have this same pattern and find it quite restricting. I am 9 months and am hoping this gets better. Any feedback from long term pouchers would be appreciated?
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I think that's just the nature of it. When I suffered with UC it was the same thing. I would be fine most of the day then come later afternoon I was constantly in the bathroom.

So now with my j pouch I usually go right when I wake up then not again until around 3pm. Then it's about 4 more times until I go to bed. For me it's not a huge deal because there is no urgency but it can be a bit of a pain when you are out trying to eat a nice dinner and have to get up to use the bathroom a couple of times. Or at a friends house because I HATE using the bathroom at other peoples houses. I have held it but that gets so damn uncomfortable. I don't take imodium or anything because I simply do not want to take anymore drugs. Have you tried that?
Ditto what Marianne said.

I find it's manageable by monitoring what I eat through the day if I am planning on going out. Eg. stick to bind-y pouch-friendly foods for breakfast/lunch, and eat lightly.

Not ideal, but the lack of urgency takes all the panic out of it, compared with the UC days.

I'm six years out, and over that time my nighttime trips to the loo have gradually decreased over that period from around 5 times per night down to an average of 1. So don't loose hope that over the years things continue to improve.
Thanks, I do take lomitol to slow things down, but this pattern is uncomfortable to say the least. Makes it very difficult to have a normal social life. The pouch seems very unpredictable. Between each BM in the afternoons I am sore and pained. There are also a number of people on this site who say they are as good as someone with a colon just that they go more often. I want to be one of those. Is there anyone else out there who is relatively normal. I'd like to hear about your jpouch life?
I think a lot of this is based on how most of us eat; or more correctly, the North American standard of "3 squares a day" with the larger meals coming later in the day.

In my case, don't ever usually eat a large breakfast (and my breakfast usually consists of yogurt and/or oatmeal, 2 foods which keep my pouch happy), so my pouch is typically quietest through most of the morning and into the late afternoon. Things just naturally start moving once food is in the system, so the activity really kicks in a few hours after lunch. I tend to eat a smallish lunch, with a light snack around 4 pm and then probably what most would consider a lighter dinner around 6:30-7. Regardless of quantity, the bulk of my eating does come later in the day, and I believe that is why my pouch is more active in the late afternoon/evening. However, I'm lucky that my frequency isn't really bothersome. And based on my work/social schedule, I can't really significantly modify my eating times. I have to try to work with it.

If you want to try to slow things down for yourself, other than continuing with the bowel slowers, you could try eating 4-6 smaller meals a day, instead of 3 large ones. Dieticians say this is healthier for digestion and weight management anyway. If you are reluctant to overhaul your diet like that, try adding bulking foods - oatmeal, rice, and bananas. I find oatmeal especially helps to slow me down.

As for "j-pouch life" I'm one of the people who consider myself relatively normal, but for the fact that I go more often. That isn't to say I don't have bad days. I still do have butt burn, with a particularly annoying case about every 2 weeks. I also occasionally have botherome gas. Otherwise, most days I'm good. I don't take any medication regularly, though I would say that I do tend to eat lighter meals (as I touched on above). There is no magic formula for success; if there then we wouldn't need this site! To be honest, though, I didn't really start to settle into a routine until more than a year out. Now over 4 years out, I'm still noticing some changes. You are still less than a year post takedown and I think it's reasonable for you to expect further improvement.

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