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Hi All,

The past few weeks, my body/pouch has turned into a different person.  Almost 20 years post-op, with only minor issues (partials, sibo). 

I've noticed a change since early July.  Much more difficulty emptying, hard to pass gas, very bloated, noticing that my old routines to pass gas weren't working.  Also had a few BMs with some blood.

In the past 10 days - consistent pain/pressure in and around the anal area.  Almost impossible to pass gas. All BMs are a fight, I can't seem to push without any pain, so I don't, as it feels like something bad will happen.  After 5 minutes sitting, I spend 10 minutes on my stomach praying to God to release some air.  After that entire ordeal, it's 20 minutes sitting on the heating pad for a little relief.  To top it off, whatever is happening is also impacting my ability to pee - that is a struggle as well.

I have a bit of a wait for my dr appt, but am on wait-list and also will be making calls tomorrow.  I've also went full liquid.

My ask to the group - anything at all I can do myself for relief, as I am struggling mightily.  Without having a diagnosis, it's difficult to know what to try...

Laxatives or Softeners or Gas meds?

Something for a possible hemorrhoid?

Anything other oral or bottom OTC or home remedy that might be general enough to help in the interim?

Apologies for the length, appreciate the advice as always.

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Hi there! I have had problems emptying as well and my surgeon recommended a warm tap water enema for relief. I just bought a fleet enema, emptied it out and filled with warm tap water. I insert the enema just far enough in, a use a couple ounces of water. This brings me instant relief without having to strain. I use it whenever I am having issues with having to strain.

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