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I am a 72 year old male.  I have a J-Pouch (which was formed about one month ago) along with an accompanying ileostomy.  On Monday I go see my surgeon to determine the date he will close the ileostomy.  I have a list of questions to ask but I thought I would ask those of you out there with J-Pouches, who have been through this procedure, what questions you would ask the surgeon.

The one thing I am most concerned about is watery stool and incontinence.  My stool is very watery at night, even after taking Imodium, and I am concerned after closing the ileostomy I will be incontinent during the night.

This forum has been great for me and I look forward to hearing from any of you.


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I'm 22 years younger than yourself and during my time with the temp loop ileostomy I had the same concerns; I think I took up to 6 Imodium per day which made little difference.

Since takedown (during Jan 2015) my output has been completely different, although lose, acidic and sometimes pure liquid initially; more often than not, it's of a much thicker consistency.

4 year since takedown, I rarely take the Imodiun and although my output is lose, it's still hell of a lot thicker than what it was with the loop illestomy.

 Never been any accident; certainly don't remember any and no night-time toilet visits either.

I think any issues in regard to incontenience, will more than likely be associated with age rather than the J pouch.


I had my reversal 5 years ago.  I wore briefs to bed for a few months as my body took some time to learn that I could not pass gas without passing a small amount of stool as well.  I was never grossly incontinent post-op.  I used to set my alarm to get up at least once a night to empty my j pouch.  I fell right back to sleep afterwards.  Now, if I need to go at night my body wakes itself up.  I am over the moon happy with my pouch function.  I hope you have the same success with yours.

PS. The butt burn is the worst.  Stock up on wipes, a sitz bath, and good zinc barrier cream.

I've never endured the butt burn, although I did experience skin errosion around my stoma, which was alleviated by the application of ilex paste, which can also be applied to treat and prevent butt burn.

I often say, it's best to have the ilex paste and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Prior to discovering the ilex paste, I tried evey product, cream, ointment and powder available and nothing worked, only the ilex.


Thank you for the feedback.  I had an appointment with my surgeon and he is going to do the reversal on Feb 8th. 

However he is scheduling me for a Fluoroscopy Barium Enema and then an Endoscopy before my surgery to make sure the J-Pouch is not leaking and healed properly.

I was wondering if any of you went through the same procedures before your reversal.


Hi Nick,

I have had my J-pouch since 1987-88. The first time my doctor tried to reverse from the bag to my pouch...I had to wait a few more months. ( I was actually put under as if the sergery was going to take place! I remember it was awful for me to wake up, alone and find I still had my bag!) I went through a series of exercises (fun!) The second surgery went just fine. Not too many problems at night. My body wakes itself up. ( Most of the time.) When I am at companies homes...I will wear a pad and underwear. Oh yes Nick, I will be 68 in June. So we are a bit close in age! Oh yes, I take psyllium seed powder 3 times a day and at least 6 Imodium.

Do take good care! 

My pouch is 12 years old and I remember having to have a Barium Enema to check for leaks before my second surgery. Its not comfortable, but not unbearable either. 

After your last surgery, be aware that it will take time for your body to adjust.  Soluble fiber will become your friend along with other thicking foods and supplements.  

Yeah, I had tha barium enema and also contrast dye imaging prior to takedown.

   I was apprehensive prior to the enema yet that was the easiest of both procedures and nothing to it.

 With the contrast dye imaging, I had drink maybe a litre of some kind of clear fluid, which wasn't really a problem, just awkward drinking so much within a short period of time.

I had the barium enema with contrast but didn’t have to drink anything.  It was pretty easy from what I remember.  I did not have the endoscopy with mine.

 For me,there was definitely butt burn after takedown. I was fine with Calmoseptine and got a bidet as well.  I invested in a sitz bath and used it a few times.  The butt burn subsided after a while and haven’t had any issues with it for a while.  I had my surgeries in three steps and takedown just before I turned 62. It’s been almost 3 1/2 years and things are going well.  Good luck!

Yeah, the CT scan/Contrast Dye procrdure, which was a separate procedure to the barium enema, was instead of an Endoscopy; infact, during the entire procedure, from admitance, j pouch creation and takedown, I never had an endoscopy once; unless it was performed whilst I was sedated during surgery.

Hope your take down goes well!

I also had the enema to verify nothing was leaking before the takedown surgery. I can't think of any questions to follow up with your surgeon.

I don't remember when I started practicing kegel exercises, but you might consider that at some point to help regain "muscle tone" down there.

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