Adult daughter between steps 2 and 3 having many BMs in addition to filling her stoma bag. Is it OK?

Hi I'm here because my daughter isn't but shares her frustrations with me.  She had Step one 10/17, Step two 6/18 and is scheduled for Step three 9/18.  Within the last month BMs started and she has little warning, often does not make it to the toilet before she soils herself.  She's feeling the whole thing is pointless if she's still incontinent, forgetting that she was dangerously anemic when she still had her colon and she's not bleeding now.

Is this actually a good sign that her j-pouch is functional and unobstructed?  Would immodium help slow the flow both to her bag and her bottom?  Her surgeon's assistant OK'd immodium when she had persistent nausea a few weeks after surgery but she never took it, the nausea was controlled by increased hydration.

I really appreciate all the contributors on this site.  I have been on here lurking and reading much, even during the year prior to surgery when she was trying Humira, Remicade, Entivio, probably $100K+ of biologics infused with no help (ok Remicade slowed bleeding) and when I took her to the ER with a hemoglobin of 5.  It's been rough for her and it all started just after she got her bachelor's degree.

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Its not  BM exactly if I am correct . Since she has a rectum no more the mucus build up just comes to the bottom . Its whitish/ yellowish fluid most likely . Immodium can help with the slower stoma output but wont affect the mucus . I had similar condition. Its perfectly fine . Just tell her to try holding it back as much as she can this will help it thicken as I observed . The more I released it the more I had to keep on doing it. Once the pouch is reconnected to the bottom it will stop very quickly.

I remember I had mucus and discharge, and even minimal stool. The way they do the temporary illeo is that it’s not completely disconnected. It’s still hooked up, but mostly diverting to the illeostmy. So, there could be stool that still goes through to the rectum. I wouldn’t worry too much, but it srill makes sense to call the doc and check with them.  

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