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Question for you out there. My history is UC diagnosed at age 19, total colectomy with jpouch 2 step surgery at age 21, and ostomy reversal surgery.

Due to my scar tissue both my fallopian tubes are 100% blocked. Hubby and I have thought it over and are looking to adoption vs. IVF. I am scared that because of my past medical history it may deter me from adoption.

Have any of you dealt with this? The only issues I currently am dealing with are pouchitis intermittently and anemia with iron infusions 3-4 times per year. I also have been on celexa for the last 3 months for depression from the infertility. I envy my husbands whose medical history is squeaky clean.

Wondering how much to disclose and if any of you have been through a similar situation?

Thanks in advance!

- Sarah
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I don't think that your medical history should effect your chances to adopt...there are other diseases that can and do but you are stable and healthy so it should be might want to ask your surgeon to write a letter explaining the procedure and its outcome and put it into your file...just in case.
We adopted and I have let's of medical problems and had at that point had 20 surgeries and mobility issues from a broken spine and spinal cord damage.

As long as you can care for kids there should be no problem. My doctor was supportive and it turned into a non-issue.

Good luck on your journey! We have two amazing kids from adoption - we love them to bits!
I would be careful. We were well on our way to adopting - in the midst of a home study - and we ended up with a crummy social worker (nice lady, but oblivious) from a really well known and reputable agency. She ended up telling us she thought our chances of adopting were 50-50. I had disclosed my health issues, mostly in the context of how it brought my husband and I closer together. And I had a perm ileo at the time and no health problems at all.

We were subsequently told that the social worker should never have said that, that she was wrong, we would have most certainly been able to adopt. However, we got totally scared and opted to try IVF since the chances of success there were 40% and in our state it was 100% covered by insurance - our decision to adopt would have cost us a lot more. We wanted to do that and were committed to it but really got spooked by that person.

In the end we were really lucky with IVF - pregnant three times, first try each time, two live births. But I still think about adoption - if I were younger and had more financial resources, we might adopt, but as it is, we are settled as a family of 4.

Moral of the story - be sure you find an agency AND social worker you trust.
Thank you for posting this question. My husband and I are also thinking of adopting. It is encouraging to hear of others who have adopted successfully. I am pretty scared to have a natural birth and don't think I want to continue my genetics. We will be beginning our application process in the coming months. Now, just to keep the pouchitis happy.
Yes, thank you very much for posting this! I am a widow 4 years and have had no desire to casually date!! But want very much to have a child and have a family regardless! I refuse to settle just to have a child. That isnt love!! But I have a huge fear that my medical problems will come into question. Especially since I would be a single parent trying to adopt. Thankfully I do work for a great company that does have a adoption program. I know that will be my plus. I have been with them for 7 years. And have continuously shown I'm persistent and make it work. No matter how sick I am! Sorry I kind of went on a rant there!

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