It has been recommended that I have surgery for lysis of small bowel adhesions. I keep getting Small Bowel Obstructions. Has anyone had successful surgery for small bowel adhesions. I have had jpouch surgery. 



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Yes.  I just had this surgery in March as my small bowel obstructions we’re landing me in the hospital once or twice a month.  Apparently it took 45 minutes for the surgeons to “unstick” one section.  I had an epidural post op for pain relief.  I must be honest.  It was the most difficult recovery  I have had.  My bowel does not like to be manipulated and did not start working until about 2 weeks post op.  I also suffer from terrible nausea post op which is totally normal for me but miserable none the less.  I went back to work full time 6 weeks later and feel absolutely fantastic.  My pouch is functioning normally and best of all NO MORE OBSTRUCTIONS!  No more pain, nausea, etc.

I love my surgeon.

I hope you have success.  Being out of the hospital for more than a few days at a time and working full time with energy and enthusiasm is liberating


Thank you for responding. I have had 2 previous surgeries for adhesions. After the. First surgery I was symptom free for 4 years but after the second I was only free of symptoms for 8 months. I have differing opinions from two surgeons at Hopkins Hospital. One wants to operate again and the other thinks that it is better to treat conservatively and just treat me with pain medication. N/g tube and bowel rest. I don't know which one to believe.

I guess there is always the risk that any abdominal surgery will simply cause more adhesions to form.  My surgeon reminded me of this prior to my lysis however I wanted to at least give it a try.  Surgery also brings with it other potentials for complications (which I am sure you are well aware).  Bowel perforation, infection, sepsis, wound complications etc.  Not a decision to be taken lightly.  You are in the drivers seat here however and listen to the opinions carefully, weigh your options well and go with what will make you most satisfied.

Good luck, Michelle

Marj, both surgeons are offering reasonable paths, neither of which is perfect. The correct path is mostly about how you feel about various risks, what sorts of regrets most trouble you after the fact, etc. If they’ve given you a clear sense of the ways things may turn out, and rough estimates of the risks, then the rest is about you. I wish the best path were more straightforward (and dependable!).

I believe there are some natural methods which can help in adhesions and scar tissue 

Serrapeptase  is one enzyme known but I do my own tea concotion and sip it the whole day-- peppermint leaf, crysanthum, calendulla and turmeric. I grind all together and put  it in warm water a tb spoon of it and consume it.

I had my pouch surgery a year and half back .Due to my previous surgeries I had lots of scar tissue and my surgeon had tough time. I did my research and came  upon the natural Ingredients which help in softening or dissolving these scar tissues.

Do your research  and may be you will get some solution .

Good luck

The scar tissue is outside the gut, attaching to to the abdominal wall or other sections of intestine. I’d be skeptical about enzymes and/or tea having any effect on adhesions, though things that calm the gut could, perhaps, reduce uncomfortable pulling as the intestine moves around.

I have had 6 adhesion surgeries...two  of them also required resections... they buy you a little time but a vicious cycle because you get more adhesions after every surgery.  I recently went to Gainesville FL to the clear passage clinic and had a week's worth of physical therapy to help break up scar tissue.  Went end of May and have only had one obstruction since.  They taught me preventative therapy do perform on myself for maintenance.  I am hopeful that it will help me not to have more surgery for a few more years or maybe never again!  

It is a hard decision but obstructions can be dangerous and sometimes you don't have a choice!

Hope things get better for you soon!

Scott F posted:

The scar tissue is outside the gut, attaching to to the abdominal wall or other sections of intestine. I’d be skeptical about enzymes and/or tea having any effect on adhesions, though things that calm the gut could, perhaps, reduce uncomfortable pulling as the intestine moves around.

Scott ,

Understand that both surgeons are trying to be honest that with lysis of adhesions there is no guarantee that I will be better. Because of  the random obstructions andfrequent hospitalizations I feel that we can't travel anymore . I have been hospitalized while vacationing and that can be very scary if you are not near a larger hospital. I also don't like to be put in the position to decide which doctor might be right when one says operate and the other says you are better off to deal with the SBOs and to continue with conservative treatment . I think when you have 2 different opinions you need to get a 3rd one and see who that doctor agrees with. At least I plan to see a third surgeon. I was told that if I choose surgery it is better to operate when I am well and not in a crisisituation





Some people have gotten great results from adhesion surgery, but others have fared poorly. A third doctor’s opinion probably won’t shed any more light on this - it’s really about how you feel about gambling in general, and this gamble in particular. I’m sorry that you have to deal with this, and I hope you can find a path that feels right.

Thanks for your response. Hopefully since I have 2 different opinions from the Hopkins surgeons (one in favor of operating and one in favor of conservative treatment) a third opinion will help. ) The third person has to agree with one or the other. I do agree that I will still be the one who has to be comfortable with. the decision and that I will be the one who has to make that decision. I want to talk to a physician who is primarily interested in Inflammatory bowel disease and works or has worked at an Inflammatory bowel center. Although Hopkins has a good reputation they are not presently doing any studies or have grant money in this field. I may not find out much at N Y U but I am willing to try . I also realize because I like to travel I could end up in a very small local hospital and need emergency surgery there with whatever surgeon that may be available at that time.





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