Hi all,
Post Jpouch surgery 23 years and about 15 years ago the adhesion's began to take their toll and now I am classed as having severe adhesion's to the point diet is an absolute nightmare.
Can't eat fruit or vegetables, barely any fiber at all.

Anyone else suffering similar and if so how do you manage your diet.

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Hi JONW, First of all, let me say how horrible that must be! My surgery was in 2011 and it was 2 years ago that I had my first blockage due to scar tissue/adhesions, I think. It was not fun, but it cleared quickly. I had another blockage about a year later. By the time it happened, I knew the feeling and did a vigorous self-massage, which made me have vomiting and diarrhea, but it did clear. I have not altered my diet, except to avoid corn, because no matter how much I chew, I am not sure it can be broken down into little enough pieces. I routinely eat salads for lunch and sauteed kale. Veggies are supposed to be good to the guy microbiome, so I figure that helps. I just make sure I am chewing my food really well. If I have the symptoms of a blockage, I am going to do a vigorous self massage of my abdomen, even if it makes me vomit, because this is better than weeks in the hospital, and NG tube, and possible surgery.  Those are my thoughts. There may be others with more experience and hopefully they will respond.

A physical therapist and a chiropracter with additional soft tissue training have both worked on my adhesions. Not all PT do this but some have the training. After success from these treatments I do self massage. Not as vigorous as RHOLT but enough to breakup adhesions.  I can now feel them. I also had them lysed during my j-pouch removal surgeries. They rarely operate just to lyse them. Hopefully one of your doctors can help you figure out how to deal with them.

I eat a daily plant protein smoothie made with various frozen fruits including a cup of blueberries, a banana, an apple carrots and kale. You might want to try a similar smoothie to get your daily fruit and vegetables incorporated into your diet.

Yes my surgery was 40 years ago for K Pouch.

I now have problems with adhesions. Only in more recent years.

Homeopathy has helped to some extent.

If I take Imodium at night this makes matters worse. Bear in mind Imodium can create abdominal cramps. This can confuse matters.

I do keep to a healthy diet and cannot tolerate fats as this speeds up the K Pouch.


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