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e-mailed dr. shen about concerns about taking activated charcoal for toxins,bacteria small intestine..was a llittle freaked out by conflicting things on internet..

(thanks to jan )it is true it should be taken about two hours from meals and other meds he said..because it could filter out drug efficiency and nutrients of food(note could not would necessarily)

i questioned him on other aspects because upon looking up on internet it had all kinds of concerns brought to my attention..

he said it was safe to take everyday...worth giving it a try for bacteria concerns..

however,he said take 1 three times a day(they come in 280 mgs.)that might be tricky to do 3 times a day with 2 hour restrictions..but i am going to try..

dr. shen has in past recommended things that would seem out of the box for usage for jpouch that have been designed for other uses..but i trust him..he is not a wild professor!

i figure i could take one very early in morning before i eat etc and one maybe before just have to figure out the one in the middle!

i did read it was good for gas issues also,odors..
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