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Anyone ever notice weird acne from Entyvio or other biologics?

I've been getting small lumps under skin in nose and elsewhere....Sometimes they are sore and just go away, sometimes they will form a regular pimple head with some puss like a pimple.

I'm in my 40s and normally don't have this much acne.


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I have had these sorts of random pimple lesions. One time it was inside my nose and wound up being a major abscess that went into my lip. I have also had leg lesions that seemed like erythema nodosum associated with chills and fever. But it all seems so random. It has been treated on a case by case basis for me. I never was advised to stop my biologic except for the one time I was on antibiotics when my infusion was scheduled. In that case, it was just a one week delay. I suppose it could all be related, but since my pouchitis is so well controlled, I am sticking with the Inflectra (Remicade biosimilar).

If you find out anything, I would love to hear it!


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