I had my take down 4 years ago, and for the last 3 days I’ve had an intense ache in my lower back/ bum/ top of my legs.  Feels so heavy, and hurts to even walk.  It seems to come on in the evening too.  Passing stools is very painful, I already have fistulas and raw skin so butt burn is always there, but this is even worse than normal.  Also don’t feel like it’s empty- almost like my anus is swollen and not letting everything out (sorry, but don’t know how else to explain it!) 

Could it be pouchitis?  Or is there something else? 

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This doesn’t sound like pouchitis to me. It might be an abscess in a particularly inconvenient location. A less likely possibility, I think, is a back issue. When I had a badly herniated disc it got very, very painful to poop. I think you probably need a doctor’s appointment soon.

Thanks Scott F.  I didn’t think so.  I was wondering if it could be muscular/ nerve pain as I’m always slightly clenching because of the butt burn! 

I’m now booked to have my gall bladder removed in 3 days time, so I’m hoping that helps with the acid and as a result eases the burn... but as with everything to do with this disease, it feels like a constant trial and error process. 

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