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I only saw one post about this from 5+ years ago so I'm hoping there might be some more experiences since then. I've had my j-pouch for UC for eight years now and it's been great... had pouchitis once or twice but otherwise I've been very lucky. My acne, on the other hand, has gotten worse and worse and with the stress of the past year it's worse than ever. I'm ready to take the plunge and take Accutane, but I'm a little scared because of the alleged relationship between Accutane causing UC flares. Have you taken Accutane while you had a j-pouch? Noticed any GI side effects?

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My acne got soo much better after becoming vegetarian, I would look into that diet.

I am not sure how much water you are drinking per day, but water helps with acne, I read reports on that. Drink: before, during, and after.

How I handle stress: with every bad thought, I replace it with a good thought. Write down on a sheet of paper or say out loud the things you are grateful for and I find that helps me with stress.

Breathing exercises are good too

I would try these things before taking another drug

Good luck dear

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