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I have a hard knot around my belly button with a soft bubble next to that. It is very sore to touch & is throbbing causing a lot of pain. I started Flagyl in the hopes it can clear up any infection that may be there. This is in the same area that I had a fistula from the pouch to the abdomen 6 years ago. I am seeing Dr. Remzi in 3 weeks for another there any danger of waiting to see him to deal with this or should I see someone right now? I don't want to run the risk of someone lancing it causing more problems but, I don't want this to explode either. I had that happen before! I just can't seem to catch a break! Any advice? Thanks!
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So sorry that this is happening to you akteacher...I am not so sure that flagyl will do anything for this...each antibiotic is rather specific and I do not think (I could be wrong) that flagy is for abscesses...usually they gave me cipro or stronger but you can you have a fever, is it red around the lump/bump? Are you having flu-like symptoms???
If yes, then you call the doc and inform the secretary that it is urgent or go to your local ER...I don't play around with the way, in some cases you have no choice but to have them opened up or lanced to remove the fluid or just is. But the sooner the better.
Yes, it is very red & it's "weeping" around it. I don't have any flu like fever or chills. This morning it feels like it's gotten bigger, tho. I'm going to call the dr. as soon as the office opens. I'm just scared it might be a hernia or something worse! I really wish this would have happened closer to my visit to see Dr. Remz. Sometimes, I think the only luck I have is bad luck anymore! Thanks for responding!
Highly doubtful this is a hernia, particularly in light of your history. Lancing an abscess would not make it worse. At the least, it would not help (if done too soon, before it was "ripe"), but it would not make it worse. The problem with waiting for it to "explode" is that there can be damage to surrounding tissue while it makes its way to the surface, but even that is not the end of the world, since it essentially does the same thing as incision and drainage.

The Flagyl may help (it is a broad spectrum antibiotic), but it will not cure an abscess at this stage. It can help keep it from expanding or entering the bloodstream.

Bottom line, I would not wait three weeks to address this. See someone local, but also notify Dr. Remzi about what is going on.

While you wait for treatment, put hot, moist soaks on it for 10-15 minutes, 4-6 times a day.

Good luck!

Jan Smiler

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