Last time i wrote, you really helped me a lot. I tried your advice and i am at better condition now. But there is this one thing that i couldn’t find a solution: i am always sleepy. Since the surgeries which first one was a year ago and second one was at 1st of February this year, i cannot get enough of sleep. I usually sleep 9-10 hours at night but still at 12 in afternoon i start to feel sleepy again. Sometimes i cannot even keep my eyes open. And it is becoming a great problem...

Did you have this problem too? If you did, what helped you? I am still at school, i have so many classes and exams but all i can do is sleep and sleep... I can’t drink coffee because it makes me really sick since surgeries, and i tried vitamins/ things like that and nothing helps :/// If there is something that helped you or something that you know can help me, can you please tell me? I am just so tired.... 

Thank you and i hope you are all okay🍀

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Hi, Hope. When I was getting sleepy during the day it turned out that I had sleep apnea. I now use a CPAP machine at night and that has helped.

Another possibility is that depression can show up as sleepiness. 

Are you getting enough fluid? Peeing light-colored urine a few times per day?

Others may have other suggestions. Good luck!

I no longer believe the pale colour of urine is a guaranteed indicator of good electrolyte levels .

Many specialist Doctors suggested it and I swore by it; often quoting it on this forum, that is, until I was excessively sleepy and passing totally clear urine.

My experience of sleepiness is exactly how described; I say sleepiness, because it's a totally different feeling to tiredness.

At times, I too struggle to stay awake and I either give in and go to bed or I will eventually fall asleep anyway.

It's not uncrontrolled falling asleep like sufferers of Narcolepsy or the excessive tiredness of Sleep Apnea; it's feeling so sleepy, it's impossible to stay awake; of which I'm totally aware of.

Various blood test have revealed nothing, nor has appointments with an Endocrinologist.

However, I've had success by keeping hydrated, especially when I first awake in the morning and also increasing my salt intake throughout  the day.

Yeah, just normal everyday salty snacks, although I'm considering taking Salt tablets, if they exist.

I also eat baked potatoes and bananas more often than I use to (not together); in an attempt to raise my Potassium level, which is also a salt.

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Thank you both, 

Scott, i am not sure if it is sleep apnea but i can ask my doctors and they can suggest someone to see. I think i don't drink enough fluid because usually they are causing problems but i will try more. Also i have a therapist that i see, but i haven’t seen her for 2 months maybe i can go see her, thanks! 

Strange, my blood tests are very clean too. Doctors usually say that i seem very healthy according to the tests, but then why do I feel like this? They can’t answer that... I eat 2 bananas a day but maybe i can try potatoes more too. Also i will try the salty snacks, thank you!! 

Hope.... next time you’re feeling really sleepy, to extent you can’t  keep your eyes open, eat a salty snack; here, in the UK; I eat Walkers Salt n Vinegar Crisps, (I guess the US equivalent would be Pringles) and, one packet of Crisps, accompanied with ½ a litre of fruit flavoured water, such as Vimto or Robison Lemon Barley or similar makes all the difference.

It’s not an instant fix, initially I don’t even notice until maybe hours later, when I realise and then remember how sleepy I was earlier but not now.

My Doctor has dismissed this, stating it must be a sugar rush, although I’m certainly no child who has ate too much sugar candy; also when I’ve been excessively sleepy in the past, I’ve purposely eat high sugar content foods etc and doing so makes no difference what so ever.

 Give my Salty snack suggestion a go and if you can, give the forum an update, as to whether my theory has any foundation.

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Thanks, Strange. I will try to find something like the snacks and the water in where i live because i don’t live in US or UK. And i’ll try to update afterwards about the change. Thanks again, i hope you’re okay.

I am always exhausted. I work long hours , don't eat as well as I should and have other health issues besides a j pouch. Maybe it is just the way it goes for some of us.

Well, maybe it is but i don’t know. I’m still fairly new to j-pouch and the new life so i’m gonna try couple of things to see how it goes. I am also really underweight after all the surgeries maybe that’s one of the reasons, but who knows?

I am really sorry for your health issues and exhaustion, I can relate to some of it because i had couple of issues after surgeries too. I just hope you feel better. 

Thanks for your reply.

KTA..... No, I disagree; for 9 ½ years I had a stoma and the use of a colostomy bag and I never experienced such a level of sleepiness until the creation of my J pouch.

During those 9 years and once completely recovered from surgery; at least 3 times per week I attending intense self defence training classes, with a view to becoming an instructor; I was weight lifting as well.

There were occasions with the stoma when I was lacking energy, motivation and feeling tired; of which, I didn’t realise, was a sign or dehydration, the loss of electrolytes and probably a salt deficiency too but as it was short lived, it was easily dismissed, although now, I can see the similarities.

The large intestine is where an healthy person absorbs water and salt, especially during sleep and those with an intestinal pouch, we no longer have the ability to do this.

In my experience, I use the term sleepy, as it’s a weird sensation of falling a sleep; unable to keep my eyes open but not necessarily exhausted. I suppose I am tired, as once I give in, I will sleep for hours.

However, we shouldn’t accept sleepiness or tiredness as a price to pay for an intestinal pouch.

I lived life to the full with my stoma;  after 12 years of reluctance (as I didn’t want a colostomy bag stuck to my abdomen) my stoma gave me my life back; my J pouch shouldn’t take it away.

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