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Yes!  I had the most horrific pain where my stoma was and now I have a hernia.  As for the pain, it was due to adhesions or scar tissue.  It caused ascites and I had 1100cc of fluid sucked out of me.  It came back and the pain continued, so my surgeon cut me open and fixed me up.  He inserted a mesh.  So far so good.  

I will have another surgery next month to fix the hernia.  And another mesh.  It feels like a never ending battle.  Unfortunately, I still feel a lot of pain when not taking meds.  The only meds that really address it is Suboxone.  Better than regular pain meds.  Except it is now more of a dull, throbbing pain vs sharp pain that feels like shards of glass.

I don't know of other options other than surgery.  Good luck.

ADHESIONS. The more I learn about them more I hate them. I have a jpouch. Keep having reoccurring bowel obstructions with hospitalizations requiring dilaudid, n/ g tube, I.V.s and medicine for vomiting.  I go to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. The blockages usually resolve in 4 days.  I have had 2 surgeries for lysis of adhesions with only fair results. After one surgery I was free of blockages for approx. 4 years but after the second surgery I was only free of the hospitalizations for approx. 7 months. Has anyone had sucess having release of structions? Who is doing most of the problem surgery now at Cleveland Clinic? I feel so trapped with no options other than to wait for the next obstruction. My doctor does not feel diet and exercise contribute to the bowel obstructions. 






Cleveland Clinic is why I'm in this position.  I hate those @@%*! The colorectal surgeon blatantly lied to me and said she could do laparoscopic.  She never disclosed the success rate was only 10% and that I'd most likely need a laparotomy.  Sold us a false bill of goods. I would have never agreed to being cut open again.  The entire experience was nightmarish including the hospital stay.

On another note, I also have endometriosis and, according to the tactless doctor on the Cleveland Clinic surgical team, a uterus the size of a grapefruit that calls for a hysterectomy.  I wonder if it is contributing to my pain.

As for solutions, I had lysis of adhesions and the surgery was done by Dr Phillip Fleshner.  However, he is in Los Angeles.  He is highly regarded and a rock star in the OR.  If you have options, I'd consider seeing him.  

As for day to day solutions, there is a Chinese herbal tea that aids in digestion.  It is known as red tea or Pu-Erh.  It breaks down all the food in one's stomach.  My son even remarked how well it worked.  It's worth a try.  I use loose leaf.

I also use a portable Shiatsu massager you can buy off Amazon.  I swear by heat therapy and massage.  I place it under my lower back and it alleviates pain.  Especially for menstrual cramps and post surgery.

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