I've had my j-pouch since last January. Since then I've been going to the bathroom 20-30 times on a good day, and 30-40 times on a bad day. I've tried Lomotil, Cholestrymine, and Octreotide. None of them have worked. Does anybody have any suggestions how I can get my bathroom trips down to around 5-6 times a day? Thanks in advance!

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Red, wow that is alot of bathroom trips. Have you tried holding it for as long as possible when you get the urge. Also you can eat thickening foods. Like rice, potatoes, bananas, applesauce, and peanut butter. There are many more. You can Google stool thickening foods. Try metamucil, follow directions on canister. It also thickens stool, making it easier to hold. You haven't said you are having inconvenience at night or going to the bathroom only to go a tiny bit. I would then suggest maybe you are having some inflammation, like pouchitis. Hope things slow down for you. 40 trips to the bathroom is just to many. Try to stay hydrated also. 

Scott- Thanks for your concern and the reply message. I do hold it in. It takes all of my inner strength to make it to the bathroom. I need to find a medical solution to cut down the number of trips. If I can get it down to 10 or less, that'll be OK with me.

Red, I’m really asking if you’re having accidents, or are truly certain that you would have accidents with any delay. Sometimes the sensation of a need to go is misleading and can be ignored, and the discomfort will pass without incident.

What exactly is coming out of you 20-40 times per day? How much volume? Pure liquid, or mostly gas, or is there some substance to it? Is there always gas? The key question is what exactly is triggering your pouch (and you) to run to the bathroom. It’s unlikely that your pouch is really full of stool that frequently - you’d have to be eating like a horse.

Are you having a lot of gas? If so it could be SIBO. Any pouch will demand emptying if it’s full of gas. A course of Xifaxan or doxycycline can treat that.

Have you had a pouchoscopy? This could be pouchitis, and a course of Cipro or Flagyl might fix you right up. 

Have you tried probiotics? I swear by them.  Sounds like you actually may have pouchitis, but without some of the normal symptoms like fever or aches.  I hope you find a solution soon.

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