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Hello, just wanted to ask you guys... My daughter was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about a year ago. I was diagnosed with it when I was 12 and now it's so painful to watch my daughter go through the same thing. Her doctor has had her on lialda for it since she was diagnosed. She is due to have another scope in April because she is having bloody bm and mucos. Two questions. What medications seem to work better than lialda in children and does anyone know of any good pedi gasto doctors in the Houston area? She is currently at tx children's, just figured I would ask because sometimes I feel like they have an over abundance of patience and cannot take the time that I feel like my daughter deserves for her illness. Thank y'all.

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Thank y'all for your kind words. We are both strong and very stubborn (the UC don't stand a chance)

As far as her diet goes we have tweaked it a bit to make it more comfortable for her! No spicy foods, low fiber and not a whole lot of dairy has really helped improve it. Her doctor recently put her on a cortisone enema and we did that last night. She has shown significant changes just from one dose. It's rough but something we will get through. The process is just rough but hoping we find a good regimen soon.

Thank y'all!

Please continue with finding out more about diet.

After 10 years of surgery for UC I learned so much.

At York here in UK I had a hair analysis and allergy tests. It revealed everything my body had fought against. I learned to avoid all foods containing colouring additives etc. If only I had had this info when I had UC at 28years.

I stick to a healthy diet and for my age have no medication at all. The old saying with food eat food with nothing added or nothing taken away.

I think this will help.Good luck

Check out the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) website for the most up to date information. For most people and particularly pediatric patients, an individualized approach is necessary. While getting ideas from other patients and parents is useful, you need to be fully informed to make the best choices for your child.


There are also forums specifically for children with IBD and their families. There are a number of members here with young children with IBD.


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