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hi been there ..i would try to add things to slow you down,lomitol,medimucil,even pepto bismo in large dosages like 6 or so at a time..

eat only things that are binding again to slow you down,babanas,rice.eggs worked for me maybe some chicken,jello bread drink water hot or cool....small meals..avoid..uncooked veggies..infact veggies were pretty off limits for me for a time..avoid sugar,sweets..check on site or internet for more foods that bind and are easily digestable..

and this may sound awful but if you are having burning bad try going while but in water like zith bath..believe it or not i used good old vaseline stuck it inside not just outside..

and i got a perscription for vicodine..helps with pain and actually helps slow down systm..i lived on them for nine months straight..the pain and burn were just awful..i took what ever worked..luckily vicodine and i get along fine..

hope some of this helps..think in terms of few months being rough..maybe first 6 months..if all goes well it will get less burning as it does for most people..

if and only if you are still experiencing burning and going constantly etc.. after 6 months to a year you might be then experiencing pouchitis..than antibiotic next..

hang in there its no picnic as an operation..and not for the faint of heart..but have faith and follow this site it was a god sent to me

feel better sooner than later

Thanks for the responses, I need to remember some of the basics, like bananas and peanut butter to slow things down, I do take immodium, 8 of them a day, but I need to go back to the benefiber every morning. I've found the anti-monkey butt cream works pretty well, but I had a salad Thursday and I'm STILL paying for it. I also need to have more patience. I've been so depressed with this and I suddenly also have an empty nest, and can't work, so it's just a whole lot at once. I've never posted here before. I'm glad I did!
Hate to say it but...this, too, will pass. You sound very brave eating salads, etc. for me, butt burn issues are very related to what I have eaten. For months after takedown I ate the same boring, bland diet but it paid off with almost no butt burn. Then, id systematically introduce one new food at a time. If I experienced no butt burn this food became a regular part of my diet. If butt burn resulted, I waited several weeks before introducing the food again. One surprise was that my butt loved McDonald's French fries! Go figure! Best wishes. Keep a food diary and record results. I didn't use Imodium, etc. Just foods which would work for me. It was all trial and error.

I agree with vstRN that Calmoseptine is a must. You can buy this online or in some pharmacies. It has zinc oxide which acts as a barrier; it also has menthol, which provides some cooling relief. In my own experience, it works better when used for prevention, so I'd suggest putting it on in the morning before you go to the bathroom for the first time. I've found that applying it in the midst of butt burn and itching can actually aggravate the itching for a time.

I'd also suggest Nupercainal (active ingredient is dibucaine), which is an over-the-counter numbing agent. This can help with some of the throbbing and burning.

The first few months are the worst with regard to the symptoms you're experiencing, but take heart in that they will subside.

I do recommend purchasing a bidet so you're not constantly wiping and causing further irritation. I bought a portable one called the QLav, which you can find online. It cost me less than $40 and has been worth every penny.
hey stpaulmom hang in there..... lots of us have been there !!

I'll throw a couple more ideas out there for you. First, NOXEMA COLD CREAM !! It won't help prevent but after you have already been burned it will soothe/cool things. Buy a tub and put it in the shower and use it LIBERALLY.... !! right where it hurts...

Also, I'd go online and buy some ILEX can get it on for less than 10 bucks. It puts a barrier of thin rubbery layer over your skin. I like it far better than creams to prevent. You can always use creams to soothe.

also, try some Preparation H suppositories... they will soothe... hang in there..!!!
Sorry to say that the butt burn after take down is miserable! A lot has to do with your diet, you really need to watch what you eat. I used the Nupercainal & Calmoseptine, flushable baby wipes, the softest toilet paper, and most important was getting a squirt bottle filled with water that I still use after each bm. Just make sure that you are completely dry before using any of the creams. I do remember sitting in the bath tub at night crying after eating something I didn't know would cause the dreaded burn! It will get better, but it does take about a year to get thru to your new "normal".
Hope you find relief soon!

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