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Hello ladies, I really need some comforting words to get through the next 4 days. I starting doing home preg tests last Sunday and the first two were totally negative so I am pretty sure my trigger shot was out of my system Smiler
Then on Tues, Wed I got pretty good light positive lines on home tests - started getting excited Wink We have been trying to conceive for about 3 years and I didn't ever think I would see a positive line. Not knowing all that time that my tubes were blocked and scarred up from all my surgeries.
Then yesterday I went in for my beta test and they called me in the afternoon and said my level was only a 10 and that was a lot lower than they expected Frowner
I did inform them that I didn't have any symptoms after transfer (last Tue 8/21) until Monday and Tue of this week (27th,28th) and those days I had brownish pink spotting all day and some crampy feelings but not like AF feeling.
So after sitting in the car and crying for 20 minutes I pulled myself together and went home. I did a digital test last night and as soon as I peed on it it said "pregnant".
So now I am totally confused Confused, is it possible that I implanted later than they thought I did, because in that case the blood test was only two days after implantation. I want to try to stay as positive as possible. I go back next Tuesday for recheck and I am just praying and begging god for my number to be going up.
Please ladies, I would love to hear from you!
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There are a few possibilities. It could be that the implant came later. That would be the good news.

However you could be facing what is called a missed miscarriage. You do have an implant but it isn't a healthy one so the hormones rise slowly. This happened to me with my second pregnancy. HPT showed pregnant but hormone levels showed such slow growth I was warned that things didn't look good. My first u/s showed a gestational sack but no heartbeat and no sign of a baby. I ended up having a d and c at about 8 weeks.

I hope this isn't the case for you, but you should be prepared for the possibility that this cycle might not be successful.

On the up side, it is always possible that your implant was a little later than usual and things will turn out ok. Try not to do any more HPTs as they will just get you wound up. I'm sorry you have to deal with such uncertainty. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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