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I am a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, meaning I eat dairy and eggs and plants.

My 7 years have been great! Definitely watch your protein! Since we do not have a large intestine that absorbs everything, you need EXTRA protein.

Typical breakfast: Boost High Protein shake with no sugar cheerios.

Lunch: Morning Star meat or veggie hotdogs and I mix that with stuff like Rice N beans, bread, noodles, tacos, anything that is not meat, you can get really creative!

Dinner: pretty much the same.

Vitamins: Boost High Protein Shake that has a lot of vitamins that vegetarians and vegans are low in and cereal has high vitamins. The vitamin pills I take are Calcium/Vitamin D, Magnesium, Iron, etc.

When I go out to eat, I eat veggie burgers from restaurants.  Fast food places I go to Burger King or Wendys and I get the Vegan fries.

I am vegetarian strictly for moral reasons but it has many benefits. I do miss meat but my morals outweigh the murder of animals.

My poop comes out really good! It sometimes looks like the food I ate and it can be very liquiddy and it can be similar to popcorn chicken nuggets (veggie ehhe) food comes out easy like honey!!!

I use wipes strictly but if I am out, I use toilet paper- i would rather not because it hurts.

I have never had pouchitis-vegetarian/vegans diets are typically low in bacteria and high in probiotics and its healthy for the pouch obviously.

I do not see myself going vegan but I am not closed to it.

I would not cook meat for anyone because of my morals.

I do not wear animal clothing or that has animals in it.

When I shower, I use dish soap on my hair and body-vegetarian kind.

I use vegetarian hair products too.

I celebrated my vegetarian anniversary by going to a Basilica Church and ate Honey Buns!

My acne has cleared up and my complexion is beautiful!

I am super skinny and feel great!

I would date a meat eater, I just would not cook for one or buy it.

No type of fruit or vegetable bothers me at all. I would recommend peas because its high in protein which we need.

And to all those that say eating meat is religious, watch this video:

Lastly, my body is not a graveyard but a garden! Be a garden

Animals love like we do and feel like we do and they suffer in the same ways we do. No animal deserves to be abused or die for pleasure, like us.

Any questions, hit me up

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