good day to all! My 7 year old son recently completed his ostomy takedown surgery (after first jpouch surgery failed) in January and this past week he’s been having what we believe is his first bout of pouchitis. We understand what the symptoms of this appear to be, for him, it’s increased bowel movements, loss of control of bowel movements overnight and the feeling of needing to pass gas, which tends to include some incontinence.  Is this normal? How long do these symptoms last? If it only been 3 months since his surgery, should we anticipate this happening often? If so, how often? He’s on metronidazole now and appears to be doing a little better each day.

Due to the very tough times we are in right now with Covid 19, we are trying to solve this without the need to visit the hospital or doctors office if possible. Of course we are in touch with his GI doctor but I’d was hoping for some input from others experienced in this.

thank you!


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You will likely need to get him on antibiotics. Some people don't have issues with reoccurrence but many of us do. I take Visbiome twice daily to try and stop pouchitis from reoccurring.

Good luck

Thank you for the reply! We have him on antibiotics now. 3 1/2 days in to a 14 day treatment. I’ll keep in mind your recommendation if this continues.

Cipro seems to work astonishingly quickly; I think metronidazole may take a little longer. Hopefully things will be much better within a day or two more. If untreated pouchitis can last more or less forever. There’s no reason to assume that it will happen often. If you do get unreasonably frequent recurrences then a strong probiotic (like Visbiome) in an adequate dose may reduce the frequency (as well as the contents of your bank account).

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