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WATER/DRINKS: I drink water: before, during, and after every meal. I drink maybe around 2-3gallons of water a day. I never drank alcohol since my surgeries. Drinking water overnight helps prevent dehydration. Drinking water after toilet trip is a good idea too. I started drinking BODY ARMOUR drinks and that shit is amazing at hydrating!!! Gatorade, orange juice, fruit juices are all good!!! Soda dehydrates you and so does alcohol.

Pain: My joint pain has been gone since colon/rectum came out. I do get but burn pain at times though.

Hair health: I use HAIR LOTION to hydrate my hair. Hair ties break hair off and scrunchies prevent that. Scrunchies scrunchies scrunchies!!!! A God send at growing hair!!!

Insomnia: Since I go to the bathroom 14-20X a day, I do not get deep sleep for hours unfortunately, sleep loss can age the brain so I am worried about that greatly!!! I try to take naps whenever I can but its still hard. I am still happy I had the surgery, I do wish things could be different when it comes to sleeping but its okay.

Fatigue: I am tired a lot actually!!!! I have more energy now verses my colon days though.

Eating: I eat a lot of oatmeal and yogurt- those are probiotics and prebiotics that are good for us. I chew chew chew and eat slowly to avoid blockages and constipation.

Exercise: I either dance, run, and stretch for at least 30minutes to 1hr- doing less is not as beneficial and doing more can lead to blockages, bowel twists, hernias, etc. So definitely keep exercise sessions no more than 1hr, we j-pouchers/ostomates/pouchers are more delicate. Exercising helps keep things moving in the digestive tract and that helps avoid problems. Dr. Bo Shen said No lifting more than 25 pounds, at least I try to stick to that haha

Painkiller meds: I use Naproxen for my headaches and period cramps. We are not suppose to use Naproxen because it can lead to ulcers and pouchitis but that is the only thing that works for me, I am just taking risks, I do not recommend that though.

How many bms: I am a 9percenter- I have 14bms-20bms everyday, I am very happy with that and I would not change it personally.

After I poop: I use toilet paper and non-fragrance wipes. I go through them like crazy XD

Cleaning butthole: I do not use a wash cloth, ever since I got my surgery, its hurts to use wash cloths; I put soap on fingers and rub it on the butthole and I rub it for a while. I currently use AJAX DISH SOAP, that took care of my itchiness. I use AJAX DISH SOAP on my hair and skin too.

Pouchitis: I never had pouchitis *KNOCK ON MOTHER F#$%^ WOOD!!!*

Medications: I am not taking any medications except for asthma

Vitamins: I take calcium and vitamin D supplements, I take iron supplements. Sometimes magnesium. I eat vitamin enriched cereals every morning.

Scars: All of my scars are still there. My ostomy/takedown scar is definitely still sunk in.

Complications: I get severe/bad constipation if I overeat, especially two days in a row, I am working on not doing that anymore. Water and fasting helps me to overeat if I want to do it crazy later.

Diet: I have been a ovo-lacto-vegetarian for 6 years, hittin up year 7 in July!! YEsssuhhh!!!!

Hair growth: I have been increasing my protein game and its grown soo much more better and longer!!!! I never thought I would see that! When we get diarrhea, that makes you loose protein and vitamins, definitely increase stuff because are diarrhea peeps

Skin problems: I get dry skin like crazy so i use lotion!!!

Diaper Rash Cream: I use Calmoseptine cream on my butt hole, it feels great!!! The best suff I have ever used!!! Its a cooling/heating/soothing effect that feels awesome!!! No itching!!! I would definitely recommend to use it after each poop so you have constant protection. Definitely change underwear daily otherwise it will cake up and be hard to get it out!!!

Diet restrictions: Peanut butter crackers bother me at times if I do not drink enough water, on that i increase my water intake. Spicy food does activate butt burn so because of that, I have to drink more water with it but I did hear milk can help with butt burn- I have not tried it yet but I think its worth a try for sure.

Oral Hygiene: Gut bacteria begins in the mouth, I learned that on here. Taking care of your mouth can definitely prevent a lot of infections in the pouch. So try brushing teeth 3X a day, when you do, do not rinse toothpaste out just spit. Wait a few hours for mouthwash so the flouride from the toothpaste can penetrate everything. Mouthwash throughout the day is a perfect idea. Definitely recommend alcohol free mouthwash since alcohol mouthwash can cause oral cancer. Brushing teeth only cleans 20% of mouth, mouthwash cleans the rest. Good oral hygiene equals good Pouch and guts

Pouchoscopy frequency: Every 1-3 years, I have confirmed that with many doctors. 1 year for people that are at risk for cancer and having pouchitis, and ever 1-3 years for normal pouches. I do every 3. And I do them awake I can drive home!!!

Sex: I cannot give a review about sex, I am a 29 year old virgin waiting until marriage. As soon as I have sex, I will give a review about sex with a J-pouch.

Charity work: I partnered with the Crohns And Colitis Foundation and I have raised over $5,000 to help find a cure for IBD. My team name is: "NO COLON BUT I AM STRONG". I was the number 1 new team that raised the most money in my district. Now I am going into year 3 , I am going to do it every year as long as breath is inside me.

Meetups: I joined the J-pouch Forum in 2020, I learned very amazing stuff on here that I would have never learned, thank-you all! And I have received a lot of supporting messages and thank-yous, very great!

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