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I am one of the lucky few who managed to get pregnant fairly easily, only 7 months trying. I don't have a GI right now as I have recently moved, will be meeting with a new one next month.


I have been having pain on and off at my J pouch site, kind of like pouchitis pain, but not as constant. I am worried, and can't stop thinking that something is wrong. 


Has any one else experienced pain like this? Is it just my body adjusting and stretching?


U/C +10yrs

colectomy- 2009 October

take down- 2010 February


Thanks for your help!



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Hi Bronwyn,


I am about 8 weeks along and already experiencing increased output and gas due to the pregnancy (yay). Gas can cause intermittent pain for me, but I would find a GI as soon as possible to get checked for pouchitis - if that's the cause of pain you don't want that hanging out with all the other discomforts of pregnancy!

I am in week 17+ and have experienced pain due to gas. Yesterday my pouch closed of and I had full stop. Luckily it helped when laying down, but when the flow started again I had to run to the bathroom all night. Now its morning here and I am sore all over. Trying to drink lots of water and eat some oatmeal before I go to work. But fear not  this is my first time with this problem during my pregnancy ☺

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