Has anyone had the experience with 6mp that it messes with your white and red blood cell counts ( making them too low), and my liver numbers are way high. I'm waiting for the level blood test to come back and i have to go back and get blood work done tomorrow, as I have been off it for a week now and its a follow up to last week test results. 

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I went for my follow up blood work.  Numbers are still out of wack.  White cell count went down again , now I have a +1 on my shape of the  red blood cells, whatever that means. Other tests are high. My body hurts so bad and i have red pin dots on my body and now I can feel a flare starting, which will been my seton will be leaking more and ill get another abscess.  It's a horrible cycle. I hate it. My docs wont call me back to discuss these issues. I was ignored at my last doc and thay us why i switched 2 years ago. I will so it again if I have too. I am important and i dont deserve to be ignored. Venting as in nervous and frustrated.  Agh

6MP gave me pancreatitis.  Years ago it was my last ditch "medical" rather than "surgical" effort to control my UC.  ENOUGH!  In 2001 I had my colectomy and a J-pouch created.  I loved my ileostomy and kept it a year even though my surgeon wanted to do the takedown within three months after the original surgery!  Here it is....2018.....and my J-pouch and I are very, very happy with one another.  I can eat and drink anything/everything.......and do!  Best wishes!

Sometimes you have to be a pest. Docs get busy. I understand that. But, if you are polite, there is no reason you cannot get answers to your questions. That reminds me...It’s been over a week since my echocardiogram, and I am curious about the results. Time for an email!


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