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My 5 year old just had the last surgery for his j pouch. He had to go into Pull Ups becuse he is not controlling his BM's. We are changing him well over 10 times a day and his butt is so irritated. It is now bleeding alot. Every time I change him, it keeps bleeding.

Any help on how to heal this? We have tried all diaper creams, calmoseptine, antibiotics, fungal cream, and powders. I don't know what else to do.
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I am sorry that he is having such issues. Everyone responses different to different cream. However, few things are sure helps a little that is to keep the area clean and dry. Wash with warm water after each BM. Dry skin before applying any cream. Take sitz bath. If you can get BMs reduced, that will help the most. I have noticed that my butt burn comes back even if I go 2 or 3 times more than usual.

If he is bleeding then stay away from calmoseptine, it really burns. Most creams without zinc are okay to use on bloody skin.
I know what you mean by missing it once. I forgot to apply cream just one time yesterday and I am paying for it today.
By the way, one more thing you can try in case of severe burns is to use cotton ball between butt cheeks. It will be uncomfortable in the beginning, especially for 5 years old, but it protects from rubs when you walk and helps speed up the healing process. It has always helped me.
Have you tried Ilex? Many years ago, it was the ointment everyone raved about as the thing that really helped when butt burn got bad. I never tried it because people said it could stick your butt cheeks together if you didn't put vaseline on it and that put me off. Ask around about it - someone is bound to come on that knows more about it than I do.
Buy him a bidet. TODAY. Go on ebay. I got mine (Biobidet i3000) for $200, free shipping, and my non handy husband had it installed in 20 minutes.

It.Changed.My.Life. I was living with chronic butt pain, bad "butt burn days", etc. and when I am in town and can use the bidet, I am as close to normal as I'll ever get. I had discovered baby wipes years earlier, and the hand held shower sprayer was a lifesaver, but the bidet seriously improved my quality of life beyond anything I could have imaginged, and I have MORE THAN saved on TP, creams, etc. That $200 bidet has paid for itself many times over.

My other suggestion might be thickening stool-he might do well with the metamucil wafers? and immodium? When I originally tried metamucil, I felt it made no difference, but then realized I needed to take it in higher doses and more frequently than the package stated, and without drinking the extra water(with wafers, I ate a wafer and took 2 immodium before every meal, and then ate and drank regularly).

Best of luck to your little one. I had UC at 10, and J pouch at 19, and I am still learning new tips and tricks, 20 years later.
I find cleansing with warm water and then drying with a blow dryer works better for my skin when it is irritated than using wipes or anything that wipes against the skin. I also make sure to apply a good layer of barrier cream after the skin is clean & dry. I haven't gotten a bidet yet, but they sound wonderful and I'm considering getting one soon. I've always used a squeeze bottle.

I agree that looking at diet and bulking agents could be helpful. When I'm having issues like your son's, I'm extra careful about avoiding triggers like sugar, raw produce, chocolate, spicy foods, etc. White rice and broth can calm things down for me. Flax meal helps thicken while also adding omega fatty acids.

I hope he feels better soon. Poor guy. My heart goes out to him -- and to you!

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