5 weeks post takedown... Odd peeing question. Plz help

 I wondering if anybody else has experienced this problem I'm 41 years old male little over five weeks ago I had my reversal takedowns and oddly I'm finding myself not going to the bathroom to urinate but when I do go it's only when I'm going to It's when I'm going to poop it's very rare that I go and able to stand up And  urinate Its bit  alarming being a male and not being able to stand up and urinate  I hope this does go away in time it comes to mind is going to a restaurant or to a ballgame and I'm a big golfer and as a golfer we always find the woods to go urinate .this means standing to urinate is a thing of the pass  this means standing to urinate is a thing in the pass?

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I've had my pouch for two years and have the same issue. I did have a few month period where I was able to stand to urinate - mostly overnight or first thing in the morning. The rest of the time I must sit because the poop starts to come out as I pee. 

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I've had my pouch for two years and have the same issue. I did have a few month period where I was able to stand to urinate - mostly overnight or first thing in the morning. The rest of the time I must sit because the poop starts to come out as I pee. 

So this doesn't get better ? 

It hasn't for me. But here's something that might help you see this is a positive light. Because of my pouch I have to sit for a bm an average of 6 times each day. That means I also urinate 6 times each day. As a result, there isn't a build up of lots of urine which would cause me to feel like I have to pee. I can say that I've never felt any strong urges to pee since I've had my pouch. 

One other point that may or may not apply to you - after the three pouch surgeries I did have a problem emptying my bladder conpletely. I'd often feel like I had to pee shortly after I emptied the pouch.

The surgeon said it's likely due to surgically-caused damage to nerves that enervate the bladder. So, I learned a trick to help my bladder empty. When I think I've finished emptying my pouch, I push in and out on my abdomen in the area around my pubic region. I do this until I feel an urge to pee. And 9/10 times this massaging helps urine to begin flowing. And it often stimulates additional pouch emptying. 

I ran this by my gastroenterologist and my urologist and they both agreed this was ok to do. 

I saw you like golf. Here's a little humor to help you stay positive as you're learning to respond to what life sends your way:


Sharing the journey...


I'm 3 months out from my take down surgery.  I've had trouble peeing while standing as well.  But, I've slowly started trying it, mostly while at home in case of an accident.  I try to drink as many fluids as possible during the day.  To do this, I need to eat (taking two Imodium beforehand) and then wait about 30 minutes before starting to drink fluids.  This was recommended to me by the nutritionist I met with before being released from the hospital after my take down surgery.  If I don't wait 30 minutes the fluids run through me and my BMs increase quite a bit.

Anyways, drinking lots of fluids means more peeing.  I've been getting the feeling of having to pee without feeling I need to poop too.  I'll stand at the urinal as long as it takes for my body to start peeing.  Sometimes it happens right away.  Sometimes it takes a couple minutes.  Either way, I wait.  Eventually I'll start peeing.  And it feels awesome to pee standing up again.  

I don't have the science to back this up, but my thinking is that the surgeries mess with a lot of nerves and muscles around the j-pouch.  Your body needs to get used to doing certain things again (pooping, peeing, ejaculating).  The nerves and muscles needed to pee need to be taught how to do it again.  So far this logic has been working for me.  I can't pee standing up all the time, but slowly my body is getting used to it again.

Practice, practice, practice!  Stay strong!

- Adam

I just posted my story in the rant section of the J pouch forum. My experience is the same. If I stand and pee I need to have a BM straight away so I always just sit.

I go to the toilet about 10 times each day so I seldom feel the need to pee as I am releasing urine so often..

I am 8 years out, it took my body 2 years plus to adjust to standing up and peeing and then not having a BM afterwards or at the time. It isn't something that is immediate, it takes time, and I am betting everyone is different on recoup times as well. Hydration levels are key here, being consistent, watching your intake and when you drink are now PARAMOUNT to your recovery, and maintaining the ability to be stable. I had to create a regimen where I take in at least at a minimum of 60 oz of electrolyte fluids, not just water. Ice tea doesn't count. If you drink just water, it will flush out your needed salts and you will feel tired all of the time. Why is all of the relevant? It helps with recouperating and keeps you out of the ER for dehydration. I hope the best for you, and please be patient with your body, but keep trying. Go standing up, even if you know it might fail, one day you will see, it won't matter so much Good luck!!

I had the same issue. I would only pee when I had to dump out. I am about 2 years out from the take down of my ileostomy and have just recently have been able to stand up and pee without having a bm at the same time. I know this that the meds that I take, tincture of opium and morphine sulfate have a direct effect on my ability to urinate. I started to taper off the morphine sulfate and started to pee standing up. There have been so many changes in the way that my body changes and adjusting to those changes has required patience. 

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