Hello everybody

Please bear with my poor english, this is not my first language.

I had a j-pouch surgery 5 weeks ago, due to failed medical treatment of my UC.

On the positive side, i dont need to rush to the toilet everytime i need to poop.

However i constantly have this feeling that i can go to the toilet, and when i go, i can sit on the toilet for a long time and release little bits every few minuttes.

And when i lay or sit down, as soon as i stand up i feel like i need to go.

I probably go to the toilet about 15 times a day, plus a coupple of times every night.

I just want to know if this is normal at this stage, and if any of you guys have experienced the same, or i should contact my surgeon?

Thank you

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I’m roughly 2.5 years post surgery. While I don’t remember exactly how I was feeling at every stage, I do remember sometime during the early stages I was feeling the same way you are now. To the point where I questioned my doctor on switching to a permanent pouch. Doctor said to give it some time and it would get better. He was right, it will get better. It’s hard to get used to at first. The best thing you can do right now, is when you feel the sensation to go, hold it as long as you can. By doing that, it will stretch the pouch and allow you to go longer between bathroom visits. Stay positive, it’ll all work out!

I remember being at the stage where you were at and thinking that I was miserable. It gets better. The pouch does need to stretch. And it will, in time. I think I was still going 15x a day with the Imodium at 5 weeks post takedown. I tried to keep an eye on my food to thicken stuff up - peanut butter and mashed potatoes, white bread, etc. 

But it does get better. I also used to have night time leakage, just a little in the beginning. Now I am two years post takedown and I only have that when I get sick with the flu or food poisoning and can’t get up to get to the bathroom in time.

Try and drink a lot of fluid, as that will help with the number of times that you go to the bathroom, and the fluid that your body is absorbing. You may also want to keep an eye on your electrolytes as you continue to recover. Maybe have the doc do some bloodwork. That will help tell if you’re in track with potassium and stuff like that. 

Hang in there. Your body will adjust but it takes time. I’m another 3-4 months, you’ll be looking back, hopefully amazed at how far you’ve come.

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