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Maybe I am overreacting but I just came home from the hospital yesterday, 5 days after takedown surgery, and last night I went to be around 10pm after going to the bathroom, and actually slept through the night and did not have to go to the bathroom until a little after 8am this morning. Since this morning, only a little at a time comes out and it varies between rabbit pellet sized formed stool, and then liquidy. Is this normal? I was expecting to be up at least a few times during the night like I was at the hospital? I noticed also that I never really feel fully evacuated. I'm afraid to "push" because I don't want to get a hernia or damage anything - the incision area hurts if I try to strain/push at all. Any advice? Should I call the doctor, or give it time?
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Every day is going to be different for several more days and weeks. While this may not be of so much concern, you should surely stop taking Imodium or soluble fiber if you're taking them just in case if this is due to partial blockage or stricture. You are right about damaging inside or incision, so it would be best if you can keep things liquidy until you are healed.
It is always safe to call surgeons office.
I slept great coming home from the hospital. I was able to sleep through the night without taking anything until chronic pouchitis crept up on my about 6 weeks after takedown. I was told to not take any Imodium after takedown for several weeks. Don't take anything just because you think you might need it. Let your system regulate for a few weeks and then start to modify and throw in the bowel slowers and fiber and stuff. Keep hydrated as best you can. If you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, make sure to get a drink as well.
Thanks for the advice beucfree and clz81. I did call the surgeon's office and spoke with his nurse today. She thinks maybe I am eating too many bowel slowing foods, plus with the combination of percocet which also slows things down, that could be why I'm not going much. But I'm not sure what to eat really...because the surgeon had said to avoid high fiber foods at first. I guess I will chill on the cheese, potatoes, rice, etc. What did everybody else eat the first few weeks after takedown? and did anybody eat any cooked vegetables right after takedown? I have not taken any immodium. The surgeon did tell me not to take that for at least a month or so. I am glad to see that somebody else was able to go through the night as well. Maybe I will be lucky and not have to get up for nighttime bathroom trips. Things have been slow all afternoon today too. So I almost think I should eat some cooked vegetables or something.
Try cutting up food very tiny & chewing well. U don't want to get blocked. Eat chicken salad wraps, omletes, yogurt, oatmeal, potato soup, baked potatoes, pasta salad, burgers, but no fries! Greasy & sugary foods r bad. Low residue or low fiber for the first few months. I actually craved vinegar after surgery. Ate romaine lettuce chopped up tiny w dressing. Also had it on pasta. I think it has healing properties.

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