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It's about 4 months since i had my takedown and things have been a bit tough. The first 2 months or so, i struggled with lots of BM's and a serious buttburn. Was checked at the hospital and everything was looking fine. Then when i got to the 2 month mark i was checked again, and this time there were signs of pouchitis so i got antibiotics and everything was fine for the next 5 weeks. 
5 days or so after i stopped on the antibiotics, i started feeling the symptoms again, like butt burn, more BM's etc. (when i was on antibiotics and everything was fine, i only had about 3-5 BM's a day)
So i got back on the antibiotics and got better again, this time though i was feeling sickness because of the pills, this stopped when i went of the antibiotics 4 days ago. 

So.. Now i feel symptoms of pouchitis again. My BM's/farts starts to smell, a slight butt burn has begun and very little watery leakages at night. 

I have an apointment with the hospital tomorrow so I'm looking foward to what we'll do this time. 

I just wanted to ask, if anyone else have had problems with numerous episodes of pouchitis early on?

I might add that i've not been following any diets so far. But i am concidering starting with the low fodmap diet.


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I started with psyllium yesterday since i did not need it while takeing antibiotics. I also take two imodium + before going to bed and sometimes one during the day if i feel i need to. 

What makes me afraid this time is, the butt burn and the BM’s starting to smell pretty bad. Hopefully it’s nothing, those were just symptoms when they found out i was having pouchitis. 

Maybe things will get better when the psyllium begins to work. Maybe the butt burn Can be caused by the watery stool?

Butt burn, leakage etc..that stuff is kind of par for the course when people are well and don’t have pouchitis. Down to 3/4 BM per day on meds is amazing. I think it could all be normal and you just need more time. If you have pain, fever etc, it could be pouchitis. You say you pass gas? That’s pretty good too since a lot of us can’t pass gas. See what your doc says.

Bubba1028 posted:

Butt burn, leakage etc..that stuff is kind of par for the course when people are well and don’t have pouchitis..

I don't experience butt burn or leakage and I'm able to pass gas without a BM.

I also have 3-4 BMs per day; never more than 5 or less than 2.

I've only had takedown during Jan 2015 and I've never experienced Pouchitis.

I felt like it took me a good year or so to get things kind of “normal” - I think the full healing process takes longer than we think. 

Plus there was the added challenge of finding a new normal with how your pouch operates. I highly recommend doing the FODMAP elimination diet - it really helped me in discovering what foods made me feel gassy and terrible. 

And in general try to baby that new pouch- mine does sooo much better for me when I’m taking care of my body. It lets me know really quick when I’m not eating well, etc.

Thank you guys for your answers, it's really helpfull. 

I went to my surgeon and he took a look inside the pouch and everything looked fine. He told me that as long as the bleeding was just a tiny bit on the paper, i shouldnt be worried but if it gets worse I should contact him again. Often it's just a tiny bit on the paper, but every once in a while there is also some blood in the toilet. Hopefully it's not pouchitis beginning. 

It's now a few weeks since i stopped taking the antibiotics, and my number of BM's have changed a bit. From 3-4 on meds to 5-6 without. I do feel i need HUSK for it to be this "low". 

I still feel a bit tired but starting on my new job on tuesday will hopefully help, instead of being home all the time


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