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Guys and Gals,

The surgeon said the surgery went great. I’m out of recovery which was a long time because of the busy hospital and securing a room, BUT right now I cannot urinate. 


Ive tried massaging my bladder and drinking clear liquid and I can’t produce a urine stream. Any advice aside from a catheter? 



Its okay, for the first few hours I couldnt either. They wanted to put in catheter to get things going and no way I was gonna let them put that in while I was wide n awake. So I went to the toilet and stood there for half hour, and a stream came trickling. The best feeling ever , besides being able to poo from the back again lol.


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So the nurse used a small “straight catheter” and drain my bladder and then took it out. It did not hurt and really didn’t feel uncomfortable. I felt so much better when over a liter of stored urine was released. 

Right now my stomach is distended (this is the day after surgery)  and I’m not sure how to get it back to normal. 

Move had 2 bowel movements so far, but my stomach and back really ache.

Any thoughts on why my stomach is so distended?? 

Thanks for the responses guy! Currently I have an ileus or small bowel obstruction based on X-ray findings. The doctors notes are as follows: “dilated loops of bowel suspicious for small bowel obstruction, noting that Ileus may have a similar appearance.” I was told to walk to avoid an NG tube so yesterday I walked 9 miles (6 the day before). Any more suggestions? My stomach kills. 

Since this is a minor surgery I was put on lower pain meds than the first surgery. I know it feels like the entire system inside is moving everytime you move. The pain was really bad. The Xray showed trapped gas and a dilated bowl. I was worried to core as my surgeon wasn't available after the operation. But he talked over the phone and said results are completely normal. It'll get fine over a few days. Dont worry one bit. I had multiple bouts of fever on few days post the surgery. But soon everything got moving towards the normal course. It takes time for the gut to start usual functioning. For me it took 1 week before I could feel healthy again. Hang in there buddy, wonderful things are on their way 🙌🏻👍


So my stomach is hugely distended and it is so painful. The worst pain I’ve ever felt. I’ve been walking a ton but only after pain meds. I’ve walked 10 miles one day and 5-6 the other two days. 

I had an X-ray done (at my request) and it showed the exact same thing: dilated loops of bowel resembling an ileus or SBO). I’ve been here a total of 5 days and I feel like there is no end in sight! 

I’ve had liquid bowel movements and gas the entire time! Frustrating to say the least. My scars will be healed by the time I get out of here (I hope not). 

Dont worry man, I too felt getting out of the hospital and a long drive back to home wasn't an option the pain was so bad. But they gave me anti diarrhea med for my 8hrs journey back to home before discharging me on the 5th day post takedown. I just layed still all the way back and only occasionaly got up at stops to empty the pouch. I took 2 paracetamol daily for a week post takedown to lower the pain. Just relax eat food like mashed sweet potatoes , bananas , oatmeals , rice , yoghurt/cheese (if you're not lactose intolerant. Boiled meats or egg whites for the few days. It'll definitely get better every day and you can feel it. Remember the moments just after takedown and now I am sure you're feeling better and getting better as we speak. Its slow but nice .


I have to go to work once I’m out of the hospital. I’m still having the stomach distension and now sharp pain in the bladder area. It’s hard to walk with my stomach twisting and knotting with the gas in my intestines. 

This GAS/Trapped air in the intestine is extremely painful. How long did it take for it to go away for you? It sounds like they let you leave with that pain? 

Yes its normal to leave with that gut wrenching pain. Seems abnormal but it wont make any difference if you're in a hospital or at your home. It took me 2 weeks before I could get my butt out in the open again and another 2 weeks before I could join college and gym.

As for the gas the only suggestion is to walk alot and meditate (try doing breathing exercises/yoga) . It slowly gets out of the system. Think of it this way your entire digestive system was shut down and restarted , so it takes some time to move things with usual pace. Make sure to stay away from all gassy foods for the initial month. I made big mistake of eating some chocolates/ fries and was bloated for days.

The initial month is the most rocky one, you just need to take things slow in it. I used to take alot of pysillium husk fiber supplement for the first month. Upto 4tsp in night. Ask your doctor about it. It helps in bulking and passing the gas easily.

Hey guys!

I’m home from the hospital and adjusting to the new j pouch. My stomach distension went down by half yesterday (I left today). I have minor pain now but given my experience, I am thankful it isn’t still as intense. I can walk around and return to work.

I’ve had no issue with emergency bowel movements (YET!) or having any sense of urgency to go; however, I’ve had watery stools with gas every few hours.  I appreciate everyone’s advice and help! 

Watery stools and gas sound normal. Your jpouch has to learn it's new function. Butt burn and itch (temporary and normal as you heal) might be next. 

Take things slow and introduce new food slowly. Go with easy and bland foods and work your way back to what you normally eat. Some foods you may have trouble with at first but can introduce again later... For me, i can eat pretty much anything like before the pouch. 

Glad your home!

Update: I'm three days out of the hospital from j pouch surgery, and I have constant feelings that I need to go to the bathroom which I do; however, I strain to get it out, and it always feels like I am not emptying.  Like I never feel relieved after going.  Is this normal this soon?  Could it be pouchitis already?  What should I do?

Don’t strain, you’ll have pain. What I thought was butt burn turned out to be mostly an inflamed cuff aggravated by pelvic floor issues. My body wanted to push a bm and you can’t—the pouch doesn’t work the way our rectums did. Before I learned this in therapy, I thought relief was surely forthcoming by pushing, however the stool flow (what there was) would stop abruptly leaving me in pain and with tenesmus. Do you have any blood spotting on the toilet paper? That’s sign of cuffitis or a fissure and/or possibly a hemorrhoid. What I learned to do was wait as long as you can to have a bm, and if you start to spasm stand up from the toilet. My spasms would get so bad it felt like my pouch was prolapsing. You’ve got to relax. Sit back down and take slow deep breaths (let your belly expand, not your chest) and slowly exhale with a verbal “ahhhhh.” That will help relax your sphincters so they open up and you’ll empty better. If possible, use a bidet to clean up. Blow dry if possible and apply iLex paste. At the end of the day, take a sitz bath if your pain is constant from high frequency. Keep trying to figure out what’s best for you—the best mix (and times to take) soluble fiber and Imodium to keep frequency and butt burn under control.

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Do not, repeat, do not strain!

I was told that can cause you to prolapse your pouch. I doubt you have couffitis or pouchitis

I would say it's your body trying to adjust to the new pouch. For me, I decided that the sensation/urge to go was peristalsis. . .my small intestine didn't realize that the pouch was now the end of the line.  After time, it settles down and the urge's go away.

If I recall correctly, a sitz baths, a warm bath, or even a quick use of the wand shower head to spray some warm water seemed to help calm down my urges.

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Hopefully you are having better luck adjusting.  Trying to be patient those first couples months can be tough!  Learning how to fully empty my pouch and get rid of the gas has been my biggest challenge so far (5 months post takedown). A lot of times it just comes out in one glorious BM.  Other times I feel like I could sit on the toilet for a decade and nothing would happen.  I have found some luck with getting down on my hands and knees in front of the toilet (down nose dog).  The position of everything seems to flip a switch and tell the pouch it’s time to empty.  Also, when I can feel like there is gas that won’t come out, if I lay on my back and tuck my legs to my chest, it will do the trick most the time.  Be careful with this, you may get more then you bargained for!

Nick, I haven't  logged on to this site in a long time but have been reading your story. I had my reconnect surgery done in 2010.  What you have experienced in not unusual.  Your body needs time to adjust and heal.  You have been through a lot of pain.  I remember lying in bed when I got home and prayed to the Good Lord to take the pain away and heal by body, which He did.  It took me almost a year before I felt normal.  I'm here to tell you that this surgery is remarkable and I'm living a completely normal life.  Yes, I have bowel movements more often but don't have the urge to sprint to the bathroom like when I had UC.  I can actually hold it all day depending on what I have eaten.  I do eat Metamucil wafers with most of my meals, it helps the stool to form. I'm on no medication and now only have to visit the surgeon every 2 years for a short scope.  I'm so thankful I had this surgery and am amazed at how good I feel. I'm playing golf, working out at the gym and coaching HS baseball here in Florida.  Hang in there buddy, we all know what you have gone through.  There will be a day when you feel great. Keep us up to date. 

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