My colon was a mess, so 28 years ago I got rid of it I’m off meds, eating relatively healthy, and feeling well. 

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Hey it's good to hear the positive stories!! There are more out there I;m sure but not shared here. 28 years! Makes me hopeful. 


I have had my J pouch for 34 years and have had pouchitis once or twice. 

I take a probiotic daily and eat yogurt to make sure it doesn't happen. 

Good luck with your new pouch!!

Awesome to hear accept it. Keep it up. And thanks for posting. It helps us all to read about long term successes.

27 years with my pouch, never any pouchitis ,never on antibiotics. Was starting to have a bit of leakage if walking soon after eating but saw a suggestion on here from someone to try Konsyl added to applesauce and problem fixed. Life is good.

I am very excited to be part of this group.Having jpouch for 5yrs now. My problem is burning sensation after going to the loo. Please advise.

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